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Campaign Watch: The week in Oregon politics

by Miami Herald on 08/23/2014

Father doesn’t always know best

by FactCheck.org on 08/22/2014

Editorial: Meetings a chance for Congress to listen

by Omaha World-Herald on 08/21/2014

Midlands lawmakers high on list of top listeners in Congress

by Omaha World-Herald on 08/20/2014

Where are this year's earmarks
Fiscal Year(s)

View earmark details Earmark Spending Ranked by Top Receiving Organizations

Earmark details Ranking Receiving Organizations Sponsoring Member Total Amount Received


Number of Earmarks Average Amount per Earmark
View earmark details 16 Biometrics Technology Center
$97,600,000 1 $97,600,000
View earmark details 17 U.S. Forest Service Rep. Howard Coble (-NC)
$92,941,000 78 $1,191,551
View earmark details 18 University of Alaska Southeast Sen. Ted Stevens (-AK)
Sen. Harry Reid (-NV)
$90,644,000 10 $9,064,400
View earmark details 19 Delta Health Alliance Inc. Sen. Thad Cochran (-MS)
Sen. Thad Cochran (-MS)
$85,563,000 3 $28,521,000
View earmark details 20 U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory Rep. Allen Boyd (-FL)
Rep. Mike Arcuri (-NY)
Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (-NY)
Sen. Chuck Schumer (-NY)
$85,500,000 12 $7,125,000
View earmark details 21 U.S. Southern Command Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. (-IL)
Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. (-IL)
Sen. Roland Wallace Burris (-IL)
$82,311,500 4 $20,577,875
View earmark details 22 City of Houston Rep. Gene Green (-TX)
Sen. John Cornyn (-TX)
Rep. John Culberson (-TX)
Rep. Ted Poe (-TX)
$79,730,060 12 $6,644,172
View earmark details 23 U.S. Navy Rep. Nick Lampson (-TX)
Sen. David Vitter (-LA)
$76,771,000 17 $4,515,941
View earmark details 24 Mississippi State University Rep. Chip Pickering (-MS)
Sen. Thad Cochran (-MS)
Sen. Thad Cochran (-MS)
$75,421,000 54 $1,396,685
View earmark details 25 Everglades National Park Sen. Mel Martinez (-FL)
Sen. Bill Nelson (-FL)
Sen. Mel Martinez (-FL)
Sen. Bill Nelson (-FL)
$74,299,000 2 $37,149,500
View earmark details 26 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Rep. Nita Lowey (-NY)
Rep. Marcy Kaptur (-OH)
$71,690,000 8 $8,961,250
View earmark details 27 University of Mississippi Sen. Roger Wicker (-MS)
Sen. Thad Cochran (-MS)
Sen. Trent Lott (-MS)
Sen. Thad Cochran (-MS)
$69,463,000 38 $1,827,974
View earmark details 28 Northrop Grumman Corp. Rep. Roscoe Bartlett (-MD)
Sen. Ben Cardin (-MD)
Sen. Barbara Mikulski (-MD)
Rep. Gary Ackerman (-NY)
Rep. Tim Bishop (-NY)
Rep. Steve J. Israel (-NY)
$69,160,000 18 $3,842,222
View earmark details 29 U.S. Department of Education Office of Elementary and Secondary Education Rep. Don Young (-AK)
Rep. Don Young (-AK)
Sen. Dan Inouye (-HI)
Sen. Lisa Murkowski (-AK)
$66,630,000 2 $33,315,000
View earmark details 30 Olympic National Park Rep. Brian Baird (-WA)
Rep. Jay Inslee (-WA)
Rep. Jim McDermott (-WA)
Sen. Patty Murray (-WA)
$62,688,000 4 $15,672,000
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9615 results

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