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SalariesRep. Jim McDermott (D-Washington, 7th)
In Office
Alternate Name: James Adelbert McDermott


Displaying salaries for time period: 04/01/08 - 06/30/08

Payee Name Start date End date Position Amount Notes PDF
J. William Goold (Bill) 04/01/08 04/30/08 Shared Employee $-6,066.00 View original PDF
Livia R. Shmavonian 04/28/08 06/30/08 Legislative Correspondent/Web Assistant $5,600.01 View original PDF
Jessica L. Rodgers 04/01/08 06/30/08 Staff Assistant $6,749.99 View original PDF
Laura Berntsen 04/01/08 06/30/08 Legislative Correspondent $7,773.51 View original PDF
Tera Beach 04/01/08 06/30/08 Community Liaison $10,577.70 View original PDF
Nancy F. James 04/01/08 06/30/08 Employee, Part-Time $11,810.64 View original PDF
Rebecca J. Saldaña 04/01/08 06/30/08 Community Liaison $12,035.47 View original PDF
Rita Patricia Stewart 04/01/08 06/30/08 Community Liaison $12,919.11 View original PDF
Damian Cordova 04/01/08 06/30/08 Caseworker Coordinator/Field Representative $14,544.33 View original PDF
Sean Hughes 04/01/08 06/30/08 Legislative Assistant $15,000.00 View original PDF
David O. Loud 04/01/08 06/30/08 Community Liaison $15,866.55 View original PDF
Darcy A. Nothnagle 04/01/08 06/30/08 Deputy District Director $18,510.99 View original PDF
James Neal Allen 04/01/08 06/30/08 District Director $19,833.18 View original PDF
Elizabeth J. Becton 04/01/08 06/30/08 Executive Assistant/Office Manager $20,700.00 View original PDF
Jayme R. White 04/01/08 06/30/08 Legislative Director $22,200.99 View original PDF
Anne M. Grady 04/01/08 06/30/08 Senior Legislative Assistant for Health $23,375.01 View original PDF
Michael J. DeCesare (Mike) 04/01/08 06/30/08 Communications Director $26,096.19 View original PDF
Jan Shinpoch 04/01/08 06/30/08 Chief of Staff $29,756.25 View original PDF
18 results

Congressional staff salaries shown are the amount paid in the period shown. They are not annual salaries. Because bonuses may be included here and other payments may not be (most notably with aides working for multiple offices or for a political campaign committee), please use caution in extrapolating annual salaries from the figures shown here.

We have taken great care to have this website reflect the official record, but we have discovered a handful of errors both in the official record and our own transcription. If you believe our information is in error, please let us know so we can fix it as soon as possible. We take accuracy very seriously.

LegiStorm's salary data goes back to Oct. 1, 2000. We do not have information prior to this date.