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TSA Body Scanner Lobbyist Takes Congressional Job Overseeing Spending on TSA Security

by The Intercept on 05/27/2015

Justice Alito's Son Quits Gibson Dunn for Capitol Hill Job

by Legal Times on 05/27/2015

Lobbying World

by The Hill on 05/26/2015

Cochran's bride may continue as staff member

by Hattiesburg (Miss.) American on 05/26/2015

TripsCongressional Trips by Traveler Name

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Staffer Number of Trips Cost of Trips Approver(s)
Chapel, Elizabeth Saori Kowal 17 $27583

Texas, 6th RepublicanBarton, Rep. Joe

Defeated  Texas, 4th RepublicanHall, Rep. Ralph

Chaplin, Ellis Dean 1 $1000

Resigned  Georgia, 9th RepublicanDeal, Rep. Nathan

Chaplin, Jennie 2 $1944

South Carolina, 6th DemocratClyburn, Rep. Jim

Chaplin, Kristen Frahler 1 $901

Ohio, 8th RepublicanBoehner, Rep. John

Chapman, Colin A. 6 $11953

Alaska, 1st RepublicanYoung, Rep. Don

Chapman, Sabrina P. 1 $1085

Georgia, 5th DemocratLewis, Rep. John

Chapman, Shannon 1 $2300

Texas, 21st RepublicanSmith, Rep. Lamar

Chapman, William Stewart Sr. 1 $2535

Defeated  Georgia DemocratCleland, Sen. Max

Chappell, Michael F. (Mike) 5 $4303

Retired  Mississippi, 3rd RepublicanPickering, Rep. Chip

Chartan, Steven A. (Steve) 1 $61

Pennsylvania RepublicanToomey, Sen. Pat

Chase, Harold Kenneth 1 $16

Retired  Michigan DemocratLevin, Sen. Carl

Chase, J. Vincent 1 $4358

Retired  Indiana, 5th RepublicanBurton, Rep. Dan

Chastain, Patricia Page (Tricia) 3 $6900

Georgia RepublicanIsakson, Sen. Johnny

Chastang, Linda Earley 1 $848

Georgia, 5th DemocratLewis, Rep. John

Chatterjee, Indranil (Neil) 2 $2129

Kentucky RepublicanMcConnell, Sen. Mitch

Retired  Ohio, 15th RepublicanPryce, Rep. Deborah

Chatwin, Brian W. 1 $756

West Virginia, 2nd RepublicanMooney, Rep. Alex

Chau, Mei Lun (Jessica) 1 $37

New Hampshire DemocratShaheen, Sen. Jeanne

Cheatham, Melissa Bez 1 $1451

Retired  California, 33rd DemocratWaxman, Rep. Henry

Cheney, Courtney A. 1 $1086

Maine RepublicanCollins, Sen. Susan

Cheney, Laura Pyzik 2 $1920

Maine RepublicanCollins, Sen. Susan

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