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TripsCongressional Trips by Traveler Name

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Staffer Number of Trips Cost of Trips Approver(s)
Dabbs, Michael (Mike) 3 $2792

Washington, 2nd DemocratLarsen, Rep. Rick

Dack, Alyssa B. 1 $0

North Carolina, 7th DemocratMcIntyre, Rep. Mike

DaCosta, Delores Porcher 1 $5100

Retired  South Carolina, 1st RepublicanBrown, Rep. Henry

Daffner, Whitney Koch 2 $3334

Ohio, 12th RepublicanTiberi, Rep. Pat

Dagadakis, Stamatios Stephen (Stephen) 2 $4569

Connecticut, 1st DemocratLarson, Rep. John

Dahl, Tera E. 1 $3310

Minnesota, 6th RepublicanBachmann, Rep. Michele

Dahlin, Kathryn Webb 2 $3823

Defeated  Oregon RepublicanSmith, Sen. Gordon

Dahlin, Sarah 1 $1170

Retired  Minnesota DemocratDayton, Sen. Mark

Dahlstrom, Theodore F. (Ted) 9 $12030

Idaho RepublicanCrapo, Sen. Mike

Dahnken, Elizabeth (Liz) 1 $1473

Resigned  California, 10th DemocratTauscher, Rep. Ellen

Daiger, Amy Walters 2 $1629

Maryland DemocratCardin, Sen. Ben

Daigle, Roland M.J. 1 $987

Rhode Island, 2nd DemocratLangevin, Rep. Jim

Daigle, Stephanie N. 4 $8241

Defeated  New Hampshire RepublicanSmith, Sen. Bob

Dailey, David M. II 1 $165

Virginia, 3rd DemocratScott, Rep. Bobby

Dalal, Milan 3 $8713

New York, 5th DemocratMeeks, Rep. Gregory

Dallafior, Michelle E. 3 $2817

Ran for Other Office  Ohio, 6th DemocratStrickland, Rep. Ted

Dalley, George A. 11 $29381

New York, 13th DemocratRangel, Rep. Charlie

Dalpiaz, Elaine M. 1 $100

Retired  Louisiana DemocratBreaux, Sen. John

Dalton, Joseph William (Joe) 1 $849

Massachusetts DemocratMarkey, Sen. Ed

Dalton, Sean Larry 2 $1674

Georgia, 11th RepublicanGingrey, Rep. Phil

Defeated  North Carolina, 11th RepublicanTaylor, Rep. Charles Hart

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