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LegiStorm is constantly adding new information on the people, places and reports in our database. In the past week, LegiStorm added:

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  • 359 contact addresses, emails and URLs (LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.)
  • 85 new people through the revolving door
  • 16 new policy reports
  • 70 new trips to our privately funded travel database
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TripsCongressional Trips by Traveler Name

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Staffer Number of Trips Cost of Trips Approver(s)
Gordon, Robert Marshall 12 $8737

Retired  Virginia, 7th RepublicanBliley, Rep. Tom

Retired  Ohio, 4th RepublicanOxley, Rep. Mike

Gordon, Waverly L. 2 $11220

Illinois, 9th DemocratSchakowsky, Rep. Jan

Gordy, Thomas T. (Tom) 3 $4048

Defeated  Virginia, 2nd RepublicanDrake, Rep. Thelma

Retired  Virginia, 2nd RepublicanSchrock, Rep. Ed

Gore, Elizabeth M. 1 $120

Retired  North Dakota DemocratDorgan, Sen. Byron

Gore, Jennifer Porter 1 $578

Minnesota, 5th DemocratEllison, Rep. Keith

Gorman, Genevieve A. 1 $846

Florida, 17th RepublicanRooney, Rep. Tom

Gorski, Jennifer N. (Jenny) 5 $4626

Retired  Washington, 4th RepublicanHastings, Rep. Doc

Gosselin, Geoffrey M. (Geoff) 3 $2059

New Jersey, 2nd RepublicanLoBiondo, Rep. Frank

Retired  Pennsylvania, 19th RepublicanPlatts, Rep. Todd

Gosselin, Kelly O. 1 $762

Pennsylvania, 18th RepublicanMurphy, Rep. Tim

Gossman, Susan Carr 4 $10529

North Carolina, 4th DemocratPrice, Rep. David

Gottesman, Evan R. 1 $787

Defeated  South Dakota DemocratDaschle, Sen. Tom

Gottlieb, Stuart 1 $2956

New York DemocratSchumer, Sen. Chuck

Gottshall, William R. (Bill) 6 $8866

Resigned  Mississippi RepublicanLott, Sen. Trent

Gould, Tessa Alyse 1 $690

North Dakota DemocratHeitkamp, Sen. Heidi

Goule, Earnest Chandler (Chandler) 23 $22988

Minnesota, 7th DemocratPeterson, Rep. Collin

Retired  Tennessee, 8th DemocratTanner, Rep. John

Grab, Francis 1 $7468

Died in Office  California, 5th DemocratMatsui, Rep. Bob

Grabelle, Justin M. 3 $2882

Florida, 11th RepublicanNugent, Rep. Richard

Graber, Brion D. 2 $634

Retired  Michigan, 4th RepublicanCamp, Rep. Dave

Michigan, 9th DemocratLevin, Rep. Sandy

Graber, Scott B. 1 $2450

South Carolina RepublicanGraham, Sen. Lindsey

Grace, Malcolm 2 $4141

California, 38th DemocratSánchez, Rep. Linda

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