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Flight Risks: When foreign governments host U.S. lawmakers

by National Journal on 09/12/2014

Senate GOP aide joins Delta

by The Hill on 09/11/2014

Working for you

by York News Times on 09/11/2014

Spurned staffer sends email accusing top Republican of ethics violations

by Roll Call on 09/08/2014

TripsMost-Traveled Congressional Staffers

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Staffer Number of Trips Cost of Trips Approver(s)
Khang, MaiNhia 1 $501

Defeated  Minnesota RepublicanColeman, Sen. Norm

Khan, Sanaa 1 $409

New Jersey DemocratMenéndez, Sen. Bob

Keyserling, Jodi M. 1 $1922

North Carolina, 4th DemocratPrice, Rep. David

Ketch, Jonathan 1 $925

Georgia, 5th DemocratLewis, Rep. John

Kerrigan, Kathleen M. (Kathy) 1 $805

Retired  Maine RepublicanSnowe, Sen. Olympia

Kerr, Kathy M. 1 $785

Retired  Ohio, 15th RepublicanPryce, Rep. Deborah

Kern, Dennis F. 1 $835

Died in Office  Florida, 13th RepublicanYoung, Rep. C.W. Bill

Kerkman-Jung, Sue 1 $669

Wisconsin, 6th RepublicanPetri, Rep. Tom

Kenny, Johanna L. 1 $1263

Defeated  Kentucky, 3rd RepublicanNorthup, Rep. Anne Meagher

Kennedy, Kristina B. (Kristi) 1 $1521

Retired  Maryland DemocratSarbanes, Sen. Paul

Kennedy, John Michael 1 $960

Alabama RepublicanSessions, Sen. Jeff

Kemp-Melder, Eva Grace (Eva) 1 $1231

Louisiana DemocratLandrieu, Sen. Mary

Kelsey, Anja 1 $1600

Retired  California, 3rd RepublicanOse, Rep. Doug

Kelly, Melissa K. 1 $429

Texas, 22nd RepublicanOlson, Rep. Pete

Kelly, James Rogan 1 $334

Retired  New Jersey, 7th RepublicanFerguson, Rep. Mike

Kelly, Gregory 1 $289

Ran for Other Office  Louisiana, 5th RepublicanCooksey, Rep. John C.

Kelly, Erika Debrick 1 $697

Defeated  Missouri, 4th DemocratSkelton, Rep. Ike

Kelly, Amanda K. 1 $400

Retired  New Mexico DemocratBingaman, Sen. Jeff

Kellogg, Matthew B. (Matt) 1 $982

New York, 23rd RepublicanReed, Rep. Tom

Kelliher, Joseph T. 1 $1269

Retired  Virginia, 7th RepublicanBliley, Rep. Tom

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