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Condon criticized outsized city salaries on campaign trail in 2011

by The Spokesman-Review on 10/16/2014

Fattah's new chief of staff linked to congressman's troubled nonprofit

by Philly.com on 10/14/2014

Fact Checker: Braley’s pay for female staffers

by The Gazette (Cedar Rapids, Iowa) on 10/14/2014

Lobbying World

by The Hill on 10/14/2014

TripsCongressional Trips by Traveler Name

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Staffer Number of Trips Cost of Trips Approver(s)
Mederos, Leticia (Letty) 6 $7356

Retired  Florida, 17th DemocratMeek, Rep. Carrie Pittman

California, 11th DemocratMiller, Rep. George

Medina, Melissa A. 1 $7277

California, 39th RepublicanRoyce, Rep. Ed

Mason, Thomas L. (Tom) 2 $7262

Defeated  Minnesota RepublicanColeman, Sen. Norm

Murkowski, Nancy 1 $7223

Ran for Other Office  Alaska RepublicanMurkowski, Sen. Frank H.

Mottley, Katharine 4 $7173

Defeated  Arizona, 5th RepublicanHayworth, Rep. J.D.

Mitchell, James Todd (Todd) 6 $7150

New Jersey, 7th RepublicanLance, Rep. Leonard

Defeated  Connecticut, 2nd RepublicanSimmons, Rep. Rob

Mott-Bronson, Dana Cherie 2 $7129

Defeated  Georgia, 4th DemocratMcKinney, Rep. Cynthia

Miller, Thomas P. 10 $7125

Defeated  Utah RepublicanBennett, Sen. Bob

Meyers, Robert Jerimiah (Bob) 7 $7118

Texas, 6th RepublicanBarton, Rep. Joe

Retired  Virginia, 7th RepublicanBliley, Rep. Tom

Retired  Louisiana, 3rd RepublicanTauzin, Rep. Billy

Manno, Roger Pettinato (Roger) 3 $7053

Georgia, 2nd DemocratBishop, Rep. Sanford

Texas, 18th DemocratJackson Lee, Rep. Sheila

Marrero, Alexa Eva 2 $7016

Michigan, 6th RepublicanUpton, Rep. Fred

Mattson, Mazie R. 1 $7000

Died in Office  West Virginia DemocratByrd, Sen. Robert

McCormick, James W. (Jamie) 3 $6964

Retired  Illinois, 6th RepublicanHyde, Rep. Henry

Defeated  Iowa, 2nd RepublicanLeach, Rep. Jim

Meade, Richard E. (Rich) 9 $6920

Ran for Other Office  Iowa, 1st RepublicanNussle, Rep. Jim

McDonald, Leslie C. 1 $6919

Defeated  Texas, 17th DemocratStenholm, Rep. Charlie

Madison, Kirsten D. 1 $6880

Retired  North Carolina RepublicanHelms, Sen. Jesse

McGourty, Michael B. (Mike) 1 $6818

California, 38th DemocratSánchez, Rep. Linda

Mody, Arjun K. 3 $6810

Wyoming RepublicanBarrasso, Sen. John A.

Defeated  North Carolina RepublicanDole, Sen. Elizabeth

Mason, Graham H. 2 $6795

Pennsylvania, 13th DemocratSchwartz, Rep. Allyson

Mitchell, Helen 9 $6773

Illinois, 7th DemocratDavis, Rep. Danny

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