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TripsCongressional Trips by Traveler Name

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Staffer Number of Trips Cost of Trips Approver(s)
Preston, Barbara Brittnee (Brittnee) 2 $1831

Member-elect  Oklahoma RepublicanLankford, Incoming Sen.. James

Oklahoma, 2nd RepublicanMullin, Rep. Markwayne

Phillips, Eleas Horne 2 $1841

Defeated  Pennsylvania, 4th RepublicanHart, Rep. Melissa

Pawlow, Jonathan R. Jr. (Jon) 2 $1855

Washington, 9th DemocratSmith, Rep. Adam

Parks, Elizabeth Courtman 2 $1875

Mississippi, 1st RepublicanNunnelee, Rep. Alan

Peacock, Susan Sheybani 1 $1879

Missouri RepublicanBlunt, Sen. Roy

Porter, Emily S. 4 $1903

Ohio, 8th RepublicanBoehner, Rep. John

Persichilli Keogh, Karen M. 3 $1908

Resigned  New York DemocratClinton, Sen. Hillary Rodham

Powell, Sherri D. 2 $1926

Retired  Georgia DemocratMiller, Sen. Zell

Payne-Funk, Matthew T. (Matt) 1 $1938

Vermont DemocratLeahy, Sen. Patrick

Pole, Ngozi Trent 1 $1938

Died in Office  Massachusetts DemocratKennedy, Sen. Ted

Plunkett, David Wayne 1 $1947

Retired  Tennessee, 6th DemocratGordon, Rep. Bart

Parmentier, Benjamin H. (Ben) 2 $1987

California, 16th DemocratCosta, Rep. Jim

Parra, José Dante 1 $1994

California, 17th DemocratHonda, Rep. Mike

Ptak, Patrick J. 3 $1997

Illinois, 16th RepublicanKinzinger, Rep. Adam

Peters, Katie Hanvey (Katie) 1 $2006

Resigned  California, 50th RepublicanCunningham, Rep. Duke

Plofchan, Tami Rae 1 $2020

Ran for Other Office  California, 44th RepublicanCalvert, Rep. Ken

Pascoe, Cherilyn (Cheri) 2 $2022

South Dakota RepublicanThune, Sen. John

Puccerella, Edward J. (Ed) 2 $2025

Ran for Other Office  Iowa, 1st RepublicanNussle, Rep. Jim

Pulliam, Rodney B. 2 $2065

Died in Office  Ohio, 11th DemocratJones, Rep. Stephanie Tubbs

Parasiliti, Andrew T. 4 $2066

Retired  Nebraska RepublicanHagel, Sen. Chuck

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