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TripsCongressional Trips by Traveler Name

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Staffer Number of Trips Cost of Trips Approver(s)
Suleman, M. Younus 1 $1256

Illinois, 1st DemocratRush, Rep. Bobby

Sulkala, Margaret Lea Fisher (Lea) 1 $3490

Defeated  North Carolina, 2nd DemocratEtheridge, Rep. Bob

Sulkala, Matthew L. (Matt) 4 $7047

Defeated  Florida, 2nd DemocratBoyd, Rep. Allen

Sullivan, Adam J. 4 $4196

Ran for Senate  Georgia, 1st RepublicanKingston, Rep. Jack

Sullivan, Anita 5 $5953

Nevada DemocratReid, Sen. Harry

Sullivan, Christopher M. (Chris) 3 $22830

Georgia RepublicanIsakson, Sen. Johnny

Sullivan, Emily J. 1 $909

Defeated  Illinois, 12th DemocratEnyart, Rep. Bill

Sullivan, Gael E. 1 $200

Died in Office  Hawaii DemocratInouye, Sen. Dan

Sullivan, George A. 1 $1825

New York, 15th DemocratSerrano, Rep. JosĂ©

Sullivan, John V. 7 $6800

Ohio, 8th RepublicanBoehner, Rep. John

Resigned  Illinois, 14th RepublicanHastert, Rep. Denny

California, 12th DemocratPelosi, Rep. Nancy

Sullivan, Juliane Carter 15 $27210

Resigned  Texas, 22nd RepublicanDeLay, Rep. Tom

Minnesota, 2nd RepublicanKline, Rep. John

Sullivan, Marvin Douglas (Doug) 2 $867

Mississippi RepublicanCochran, Sen. Thad

Sullivan, Michael C. 38 $67337

Defeated  California, 45th RepublicanBono Mack, Rep. Mary

Resigned  Nevada RepublicanEnsign, Sen. John

Sullivan, Michael J. (Mike) 3 $5067

Retired  New York, 21st DemocratMcNulty, Rep. Mike

Sullivan, Russell W. (Russ) 17 $16690

Resigned  Montana DemocratBaucus, Sen. Max

Retired  New York DemocratMoynihan, Sen. Pat

Sullivan, Veronica 1 $2488

Resigned  New York, 9th DemocratWeiner, Rep. Anthony

Sullivan, William R. Jr. (Bill) 1 $1128

Tennessee RepublicanAlexander, Sen. Lamar

Sulzmann, Jay J. 3 $5373

Retired  California, 2nd RepublicanHerger, Rep. Wally

Georgia RepublicanIsakson, Sen. Johnny

Sumar, Fatema Z. 3 $7864

Resigned  Massachusetts DemocratKerry, Sen. John

Summar, Karen L. 1 $664

Tennessee, 7th RepublicanBlackburn, Rep. Marsha Wedgeworth

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