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Flight Risks: When foreign governments host U.S. lawmakers

by National Journal on 09/12/2014

Senate GOP aide joins Delta

by The Hill on 09/11/2014

Working for you

by York News Times on 09/11/2014

Spurned staffer sends email accusing top Republican of ethics violations

by Roll Call on 09/08/2014

TripsCongressional Trips by Traveler Name

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Staffer Number of Trips Cost of Trips Approver(s)
Tebbe, David 5 $18606

California, 49th RepublicanIssa, Rep. Darrell

Te Beau, Suzanne M. 5 $6645

Resigned  Pennsylvania, 9th RepublicanShuster, Rep. Bud

Alaska, 1st RepublicanYoung, Rep. Don

Tecklenburg, Michael Hynes 1 $2075

California, 12th DemocratPelosi, Rep. Nancy

Tedesco, Francesca M. 2 $1281

Retired  New York, 29th RepublicanHoughton, Rep. Amo

Teehee, Kimberly K. (Kim) 15 $13541

Retired  Michigan, 5th DemocratKildee, Rep. Dale

Teel, Alexander H. (Alex) 3 $983

Alabama, 6th RepublicanBachus, Rep. Spencer

Teepell, Timothy P. (Timmy) 1 $1006

Ran for Other Office  Louisiana, 1st RepublicanJindal, Rep. Bobby

Teer, Julie C. 1 $400

Defeated  Pennsylvania RepublicanSantorum, Sen. Rick

Tees, Sarah Victoria 1 $3770

Retired  Alabama, 1st RepublicanCallahan, Rep. Sonny

Teitelbaum, Joshua (Josh) 1 $6780

North Carolina DemocratHagan, Sen. Kay

Teitz, Alexandra Elizabeth 7 $6392

California, 33rd DemocratWaxman, Rep. Henry

Tejral, Amy C. 5 $9125

Retired  Nebraska DemocratNelson, Sen. Ben

Telleen, Katherine R. 1 $2949

Minnesota, 7th DemocratPeterson, Rep. Collin

Teller, Paul S. 24 $21017

Texas RepublicanCruz, Sen. Ted

Texas, 5th RepublicanHensarling, Rep. Jeb

Ohio, 4th RepublicanJordan, Rep. Jim

Retired  North Carolina, 9th RepublicanMyrick, Rep. Sue

Texas, 19th RepublicanNeugebauer, Rep. Randy

Ran for Other Office  Indiana, 6th RepublicanPence, Rep. Mike

Georgia, 6th RepublicanPrice, Rep. Tom

Louisiana, 1st RepublicanScalise, Rep. Steve

Retired  Arizona, 3rd RepublicanShadegg, Rep. John

Tellez, Corey A. 1 $612

Defeated  Illinois, 11th DemocratHalvorson, Rep. Debbie

Temple, Courtney N. 1 $6664

Nevada, 3rd RepublicanHeck, Rep. Joe

Tencate, Monica S. 4 $4493

Retired  Tennessee RepublicanFrist, Sen. Bill

Tenhouse, Amy M. 4 $8456

Texas, 12th RepublicanGranger, Rep. Kay

Resigned  Illinois, 14th RepublicanHastert, Rep. Denny

Tennille, Alan N. 12 $34757

Texas, 27th RepublicanFarenthold, Rep. Blake

California, 25th RepublicanMcKeon, Rep. Buck

Retired  Illinois, 11th RepublicanWeller, Rep. Jerry

Tenny, David Paul (Dave) 4 $3760

Resigned  Texas, 19th RepublicanCombest, Rep. Larry

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