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Condon criticized outsized city salaries on campaign trail in 2011

by The Spokesman-Review on 10/16/2014

Fattah's new chief of staff linked to congressman's troubled nonprofit

by Philly.com on 10/14/2014

Fact Checker: Braley’s pay for female staffers

by The Gazette (Cedar Rapids, Iowa) on 10/14/2014

Lobbying World

by The Hill on 10/14/2014

TripsCongressional Trips by Traveler Name

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Staffer Number of Trips Cost of Trips Approver(s)
Friel, Candace Scott 1 $1061

Defeated  Virginia, 5th RepublicanGoode, Rep. Virgil Hamlin

Foote, Daniel F. (Dan) 1 $1104

Ohio, 9th DemocratKaptur, Rep. Marcy

Fisher, Katharine S. 2 $1115

Retired  Illinois, 10th RepublicanPorter, Rep. John Edward

Froelich, Melissa 1 $1142

Michigan, 6th RepublicanUpton, Rep. Fred

Foughty, Trevor W. 2 $1147

Indiana, 9th RepublicanYoung, Rep. Todd Christopher

Feinberg, Sarah Elizabeth 1 $1148

Resigned  Illinois, 5th DemocratEmanuel, Rep. Rahm

Fisher, Kirtley A. 1 $1150

Rhode Island, 2nd DemocratLangevin, Rep. Jim

Frazier, Njema J. 1 $1152

Retired  New York, 24th RepublicanBoehlert, Rep. Sherry

Flach, Andrew P. 2 $1171

Illinois, 13th RepublicanDavis, Rep. Rodney

Fromson, Casey B. 1 $1175

California, 18th DemocratEshoo, Rep. Anna

Feland, William Price (Price) 1 $1213

Arkansas DemocratPryor, Sen. Mark

Fremstad, Joel M. 1 $1218

Defeated  North Dakota, 1st DemocratPomeroy, Rep. Earl

Fishman, Brian 1 $1235

Retired  California, 6th DemocratWoolsey, Rep. Lynn

Fleischman, Judith R. (Judy) 1 $1250

Ran for Other Office  Nevada, 1st DemocratBerkley, Rep. Shelley

Fields, Meredith C. 1 $1268

Defeated  Michigan, 13th DemocratRivers, Rep. Lynn

Felzenberg, Stacey B. 1 $1320

Idaho RepublicanCrapo, Sen. Mike

Frayer, Corey S. 2 $1320

Retired  North Carolina, 13th DemocratMiller, Rep. Brad

California, 43rd DemocratWaters, Rep. Maxine

Fiddelke, Deb S. (Debbie) 2 $1347

Retired  Nebraska RepublicanHagel, Sen. Chuck

Fortunato, Elizabeth W. (Liz) 2 $1348

Washington, 4th RepublicanHastings, Rep. Doc

Ferriss, Bridget 1 $1375

Retired  South Carolina DemocratHollings, Sen. Fritz

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