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Finding Nick Ryan: The Case of the Mysterious Email

by Roll Call on 03/23/2015

Scalise passed on Selma to attend policy conference

by The Daily Advertiser (Lafayette, La.) on 03/20/2015

Scalise skipped Selma for conservative event

by The Hill on 03/19/2015

Steve Scalise skipped Selma march for posh conference

by Politico on 03/19/2015

TripsCongressional Trips by Traveler Name

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Staffer Number of Trips Cost of Trips Approver(s)
Vachon, Robert Alexander III (Alec) 2 $1618

Defeated  Delaware RepublicanRoth, Sen. Bill

Retired  Maine RepublicanSnowe, Sen. Olympia

Vadehra, Emma K. 1 $512

Died in Office  Massachusetts DemocratKennedy, Sen. Ted

Vaden, Jonathan P. (Jon) 1 $1368

Retired  Tennessee RepublicanFrist, Sen. Bill

Vaillancourt, Jason J. 5 $3505

Resigned  Texas, 19th RepublicanCombest, Rep. Larry

Defeated  Oregon RepublicanSmith, Sen. Gordon

Vakerics, Mitchell T. (Mitch) 3 $2241

North Carolina, 2nd RepublicanEllmers, Rep. Renee

Valadao, David Goncalves (David) 1 $19886

California, 21st RepublicanValadao, Rep. David

Valdes, Katrina L. 1 $717

Florida, 25th RepublicanDiaz-Balart, Rep. Mario

Valencia, Peter Joseph Jr. 1 $220

New Mexico DemocratUdall, Sen. Tom

Valencia, Roberto C. 1 $1682

Retired  Virginia, 8th DemocratMoran, Rep. Jim

Valenta, Valentina J. 2 $5927

Retired  Georgia, 7th RepublicanLinder, Rep. John

Georgia, 7th RepublicanWoodall, Rep. Rob

Valentine, Harvey T. 1 $4216

Retired  Tennessee RepublicanThompson, Sen. Fred

Valentine, Timothy (Tim) 1 $1449

Tennessee RepublicanAlexander, Sen. Lamar

Valentine, Zabrae M. 1 $979

Defeated  South Dakota DemocratDaschle, Sen. Tom

Valenzuela, Guillermo 1 $212

Defeated  Texas, 16th DemocratReyes, Rep. Silvestre

Valeu, Robert L. (Bob) 3 $6382

Retired  North Dakota DemocratDorgan, Sen. Byron

Valle, Stephanie A. 3 $1438

New York, 19th RepublicanGibson, Rep. Chris

Valmoro, Lona Juel 2 $5329

Retired  New Jersey DemocratTorricelli, Sen. Robert

Valter, Linda M. 6 $15575

Defeated  California, 45th RepublicanBono Mack, Rep. Mary

Van Atta, John 1 $570

Resigned  Montana DemocratBaucus, Sen. Max

Van Beek, Jason S. 1 $1294

South Dakota RepublicanThune, Sen. John

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