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Come fly with me: Lawmakers took 21 privately funded trips this Congress

by Cronkite News on 07/16/2014

Congressman praises House Ethics Committee

by Mason City Globe Gazette on 07/09/2014

Loebsack praises House Ethics reversal on privately funded travel

by Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier on 07/06/2014

Interest groups let Congress travel free

by Milwaukee - Wisconsin Journal Sentinel on 07/05/2014

TripsCongressional Trips by Traveler Name

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Staffer Number of Trips Cost of Trips Approver(s)
Loescher, Christina Evans (Tina Evans) 1 $3073

Mississippi RepublicanCochran, Sen. Thad

Loesby, Brooke A. 1 $1265

Retired  Idaho RepublicanCraig, Sen. Larry

Lockwood, Thomas 1 $415

Ran for Other Office  Maryland, 2nd RepublicanEhrlich, Rep. Bob

Locklin, Tracy A. 3 $2300

Retired  New Hampshire RepublicanGregg, Sen. Judd

Lochner, Sarah J. 1 $48

Retired  Kansas, 3rd DemocratMoore, Rep. Dennis

Lo, Michelle 1 $3770

California, 39th RepublicanRoyce, Rep. Ed

Lloyd, Matthew H. (Matt) 4 $2343

Ran for Other Office  Indiana, 6th RepublicanPence, Rep. Mike

Lizárraga, Jaime E. 4 $12781

Retired  Massachusetts, 4th DemocratFrank, Rep. Barney

Retired  New York, 29th DemocratLaFalce, Rep. John J.

California, 12th DemocratPelosi, Rep. Nancy

Lizama, Becky Cruz 3 $2734

Northern Mariana Islands, 1st DemocratSablan, Rep. Kilili

Livingston, John R. Jr. (Jack) 1 $755

Kansas RepublicanRoberts, Sen. Pat

Livengood, Marla Sousa 3 $2944

Defeated  California, 11th RepublicanPombo, Rep. Richard

Liu, Ted C. 2 $8206

Resigned  Oregon, 1st DemocratWu, Rep. David

Litvin, Timothy R. (Tim) 1 $3326

Retired  New Hampshire RepublicanGregg, Sen. Judd

Littman, Allen J. 1 $985

Retired  California, 22nd RepublicanThomas, Rep. Bill

Little, Sherry E. 3 $5336

Resigned  Texas RepublicanGramm, Sen. Phil

Alabama RepublicanShelby, Sen. Richard

Little, John M. 3 $5401

Alabama RepublicanSessions, Sen. Jeff

Little, John 1 $1130

Resigned  Georgia, 9th RepublicanDeal, Rep. Nathan

Little, Bethany M. 9 $10005

Iowa DemocratHarkin, Sen. Tom

Died in Office  Massachusetts DemocratKennedy, Sen. Ted

Litman, Riva Belle 6 $9628

Washington, 5th RepublicanMcMorris Rodgers, Rep. Cathy

Lister, Katharine H.W. (Katie) 2 $8827

Washington DemocratCantwell, Sen. Maria

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