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A powerful tool for citizens

Since our founding in 2006, engaged citizens have used LegiStorm to find out information about their members of Congress that they can get nowhere else. More recently, we have added a paid subscription product for professionals but there's still much to do on LegiStorm for free.

We show citizens how their members spend taxpayer money on salaries, what their personal financial interests are, how they used the earmarking practice, and who is sponsoring their travel around the globe.

If private citizens need more information than a free, limited user registration provides, we offer a 3-day Express subscription at an affordable price.

Key Features

  • Salaries


    Find out who's at the top of the Capitol Hill food chain on LegiStorm. We are the only online source of all congressional staff salary data - and, for Pro subscribers, a whole lot more. See PDF

  • Personal Financial Disclosures

    Personal Financial Disclosures

    LegiStorm is the only online resource for personal financial disclosures for congressional staff and all members of Congress. Our data goes back to 2007 reliably, although we have additional disclosures before then, especially for members of Congress. Access the original documents for deep intel on a particular person.

  • Private Travel

    Private Travel

    Members and staff can travel on the dime of others. We track all privately funded travel. Search, sort and access the original documentation.

  • Earmarks


    Earmarks are no longer dished out on Capitol Hill, but if you want historical data about how your member of Congress supported earmarking, we're the best source. We rely on the data provide us by the Taxpayers for Common Sense. We have cleaned up the data to be more useful to you.

  • Foreign Gifts

    Foreign Gifts

    Need to know what gifts foreign governments are providing to members of Congress? We are the only online source of these records.

  • Unbeatable Price (It's Free!)

    Unbeatable Price (It's Free!)

    While we keep most of our site's power behind a paywall, we leave a substantial amount of information available for free. We do have monthly page view limits even for free information. So browse wisely - or better yet, use our global search to navigate straight to the people or organizations you need.