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Unparalleled capabilities at an amazing price

You have a serious need to know what’s happening in Washington and who’s in control. LegiStorm can help.

Our real-time congressional staff directory service – complete with legislative issues covered, contact information, staffer photos, social media links and rich biographical details – is unmatched. Set up email Lightning Alerts to get notified of reports, hearings, town halls, press releases and tweets that affect your employer or client in real time or on your own schedule.

From committee memberships, to CRS reports, to staff list-building, to tracking notes of your Capitol Hill interactions, to detailed information about a member’s district and much more, we have the tools you need to be successful in navigating Capitol Hill, to impress your employer or to help your clients. All tracked and updated in real time, and all at the lowest price point in the congressional information industry, by far.

Key Features

  • Staff Directories

    Staff Directories

    See at a glance who’s who in member offices, leadership offices and committees. We provide names, titles, policy issues covered and location information. Click on a staffer’s name to reveal verified contact information, deep biographical details and a whole lot more.

  • Accurate Contacts

    Accurate Contacts

    Accurate and verified contact details for congressional staff, updated in real-time. We provide emails, office addresses, and work phone and fax numbers for all staff, including district employees. We can say confidently that our contact data is unparalleled in accuracy, comprehensiveness and timeliness.

  • Biographical Information

    Biographical Information

    We provide the most comprehensive collection of biographical information ever assembled about the people who run Congress. For members of Congress and their staff, we have educational backgrounds, job histories, military service information, social media links, family connections, hobbies, hometowns and more.

  • Staff Photos

    Staff Photos

    Walk into your meeting confident in knowing who it is you will be seeing. We have photos for most staffers (as well as all members).

  • PowerBrief


    A PowerBrief is a comprehensive dossier that gives you all the information you need about Members of Congress and their staff in one printable PDF document. Generate a PowerBrief with a single click then print, share and take it with you for deep intel in a portable format. A PowerBrief is the perfect solution for getting you and your colleagues prepped for key meetings on Capitol Hill.

  • Advanced Staff Searches

    Advanced Staff Searches

    Advanced staff search is one of LegiStorm Pro's most-powerful features. Search based on office, title, legislative issue covered, alma mater, fraternity and even college activity. Build custom contact lists to find just the staffers you need to network with.

  • Committees and Caucuses

    Committees and Caucuses

    We provide current committee and caucus membership rosters which are updated on a rolling basis, giving you the ability to reach exactly the right person on the Hill who is committed to your issue. For committees we offer member lists and staff directories with verified titles. For caucuses, we identify chairs and staff contacts as well as any related working groups and task forces. Our real-time data is the most comprehensive available. See PDF

  • Networking Opportunities

    Networking Opportunities

    We provide verified links to thousands of staffer social media accounts - LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and more. We do all the sometimes-complicated sleuthing so you can connect with and learn more about the people you work with.

  • Powerful List-Building

    Powerful List-Building

    Easily create custom contact lists of members of Congress, congressional staff or state legislators based on office, party, delegation, title, role, alma mater, legislative issues covered or other criteria. Ensure your lists are always up-to-date with a single click. Download them quickly and use our verified information to stay in contact with the people you need to. See PDF

  • Custom Member Lists

    Custom Member Lists

    Create your own lists of key members of Congress relevant to your organization or your clients. Then use those custom member lists to hone your searches and alerts across our site to focus on only those members.

  • Incoming Members-Elect

    Incoming Members-Elect

    Ready to engage with the Freshman Class? We track and provide full bios for Members-Elect and their orientation aides, transition aides, press and policy aides, and district or state aides as soon as they are announced.

  • StateStorm


    Create custom contact lists of state legislators based on your criteria, including committee assignments.

  • Interactive Maps

    Interactive Maps

    Our interactive district maps provide member district office locations and ZIP codes represented. Navigate easily to all neighboring districts as well. See PDF

  • Hearings


    LegiStorm makes it easy to stay on top of congressional hearings with witness lists, written testimony and full searching. Download to your calendar instantly, and we’ll update you if anything changes. See PDF

  • Town Halls

    Town Halls

    We use proprietary technology to track thousands of news sources and social media sites to provide a comprehensive list of town hall events. We show all events that allow your advocates to participate directly with member of Congress in person, over the phone and online. See PDF

  • StormFeed


    StormFeed gives you access to every press release and official tweet from every office on the Hill, every time, in real-time. Even staff tweets are available. And we also have press releases from many hundreds of executive branch agencies. Miss something? No problem: StormFeed is full-text searchable. See PDF

  • Lightning Alerts

    Lightning Alerts

    Lightning Alerts from LegiStorm send you the information you need when you need it. Set up an unlimited number of email alerts about press releases, tweets, reports, hearings, town halls and staff changes. See PDF

  • Notes


    Notes in LegiStorm Pro lets you easily record and cross-reference your interactions with staffers, committees and members. Upload photos or documents, share with others, export them. Notes show up where you expect them, when you need them, and you can search for them too. See PDF

  • Policy Reports

    Policy Reports

    LegiStorm gives you access to a searchable archive of policy reports including CRS, OMB, GAO, CBO and more, providing you the same policy background information that decision-makers have access to themselves. Don't pay thousands for reports we can get you for less.

  • Revolving Door Tracking

    Revolving Door Tracking

    LegiStorm tracks the revolving door between K Street and Congress, in depth and in real time, including data about which companies thousands of staffers and members have lobbied for. We provide original documentation of LDA and FARA disclosures so you can dig deep into this treasure trove of information.

  • Unlimited Page Views

    Unlimited Page Views

    Our most powerful features are for subscribers only. But even our free site has page view limits. With an annual Pro license, browse and search without limits.

  • Intuitive Navigation

    Intuitive Navigation

    We make navigating the site a breeze with a global search bar and more powerful searching throughout the site. Unlike other sites, we hyperlink everything we can so you don't run into frustrating dead ends. And all modules on LegiStorm work pretty much the same, so once you’ve mastered one module, you can transfer your knowledge to use the entire site quickly and easily.