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Rep. Pete King (R-New York, 2nd)

In Office • Alternate Names: Peter King, Peter Thomas King
Displaying salaries for time period: 10/01/07 - 12/31/07
Payee Name Start date End date Position Amount Notes PDF
Kevin C. Fogarty Jr. 10/01/07 12/31/07 Chief of Staff $37,049.49 View original PDF
Anne M. Rosenfeld 10/01/07 12/31/07 District Director $34,152.34 View original PDF
Jason J. Dyckman 10/01/07 12/31/07 District Representative $750.00 View original PDF
Kevin W. Delury 10/01/07 12/31/07 District Representative $15,656.25 View original PDF
Kathleen Terrillion 10/01/07 12/31/07 District Representative $15,419.66 View original PDF
Patricia Gartland Gormley (Patricia Gartland) 10/01/07 12/31/07 District Representative $18,999.99 View original PDF
Gary T. Baldinger 10/01/07 12/31/07 Employee, Part-Time $376.02 View original PDF
Kenneth Haskell (Kenny) 10/01/07 12/31/07 Homeland Security Adviser $2,000.01 View original PDF
Annette Muscarella 10/01/07 11/30/07 Intern $250.00 View original PDF
Carol L. Danko 10/01/07 12/31/07 Legislative Assistant $10,125.00 View original PDF
Kerry Ann Watkins 10/01/07 12/31/07 Legislative Director $17,750.01 View original PDF
Alexandra D. Valenti 10/01/07 12/31/07 Regional Representative $8,124.99 View original PDF
Michele Ingwersen Stanley 10/01/07 12/31/07 Scheduler $13,250.01 View original PDF
Adam R. Paulson 10/01/07 12/31/07 Senior Legislative Assistant $16,625.01 View original PDF
John P. Kilbride (Jack) 10/01/07 12/31/07 Special Assistant $7,560.60 View original PDF

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