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Rep. Jim Marshall (D-Georgia, 8th)

Defeated • Alternate Name: James Creel Marshall
Displaying salaries for time period: 10/01/03 - 12/31/03
Payee Name Start date End date Position Amount Notes PDF
Adrianne L. West 10/01/03 12/31/03 Staff Assistant $5,815.01 View original PDF
Latisha M. Roberson 10/01/03 12/31/03 Staff Assistant $7,064.99 View original PDF
John Sheldon Olmsted 11/01/03 11/30/03 Shared Employee $5,000.00 View original PDF
Anthony T. Watkins (Toby) 10/07/03 12/31/03 Scheduler $7,815.00 View original PDF
Patricia Lea Kelley 10/01/03 12/31/03 No Title Listed $5,315.00 View original PDF
Sean T. Foertsch 10/01/03 12/31/03 Military Legislative Assistant $13,333.32 View original PDF
Bradley Gaskins Edgell 10/01/03 12/31/03 Legislative Director $21,650.01 View original PDF
Ronita M. Macklin 10/01/03 12/31/03 Legislative Correspondent $8,315.00 View original PDF
Adam C. Nisbet 10/01/03 12/31/03 Intern $3,000.00 View original PDF
James C. Tribble 09/01/03 09/30/03 Employee, Temporary $-1,139.24 View original PDF
Charles H. Stripling (Hobby) 10/01/03 12/31/03 District Director $18,249.99 View original PDF
Mary Ruth Ferguson 10/01/03 12/31/03 Constituent Services Representative $8,815.01 View original PDF
Peggy Ann Greenway 10/01/03 12/31/03 Constituent Services Director $11,564.99 View original PDF
Cynthia R. Reese 10/01/03 12/31/03 Congressional Aide $8,315.00 View original PDF
David B. Schnell 10/01/03 12/31/03 Congressional Aide $7,064.99 View original PDF
Douglas M. Moore (Doug) 10/01/03 12/31/03 Communications Director $15,314.99 View original PDF
John G. Kirincich Jr. 10/01/03 12/31/03 Chief of Staff $29,143.99 View original PDF
Debbie R. Blankenship 10/01/03 12/31/03 Caseworker $8,315.00 View original PDF

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