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Raymond Sims Baum (Ray), Congressional Staffer - Personal Financial Disclosures

Deceased, Feb. 9, 2018 Alternate Names: Raymond Baum, Ray Baum  
Reports are organized by filing date. For example, a report filed in 2007 covering the 2006 year is listed as a 2007 report.

Available Disclosures:

2017 Reports Available
View PDF Annual 2017-04-11
View PDF New Hire 2017-01-17
2016 Reports Available
View PDF Annual Amended 2016-05-09
View PDF Annual Amended 2016-04-12
View PDF Annual Amended 2016-01-28
View PDF Termination 2016-08-10
2015 Reports Available
View PDF Annual 2015-05-29
View PDF Annual Amended 2015-05-29
View PDF Annual Amended 2015-05-29
View PDF Extension Letter 2015-05-12
View PDF Extension Letter 2015-05-01
View PDF Stock transaction 2015-10-01
View PDF Stock transaction 2015-06-04
2014 Reports Available
View PDF Annual 2014-05-13
View PDF Extension Letter 2014-05-12
View PDF Stock transaction 2014-04-07
2013 Reports Available
View PDF Annual 2013-04-30
View PDF Stock transaction 2013-04-08
View PDF Stock transaction 2013-01-03
2012 Reports Available
View PDF Annual 
View PDF Extension Letter 2012-05-08
View PDF Stock transaction 2013-01-08
View PDF Stock transaction 2012-12-04
View PDF Stock transaction 2012-09-24
Outside Earned Income: State of Oregon, $19,000