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Congressional Notable Staffer Disclosures

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Congressional staffers are featured on our "notable staffer disclosures" pages if they have disclosures that met certain criteria. We spotlight work on campaigns, prior or current work for interest groups, gifts received, certain positions held and other matters. For more details, see under "Data entry" on our About Financial Disclosures page.

Note: LegiStorm comprehensively reviewed all filings from 2007-2012 for these notes. Years after 2012 have not been fully reviewed. We are keeping this historical information available for reference purposes but are not updating the information.

  • Feather, Karen M.
    Former Rep. Paul Kanjorski (D-PA) Defeated
    2011 Report Notes: Gifts: Apple iPad ($500) from Ed Mitchell of Wilkes-Barre, pending determination by Ethics Committee
  • Feraci, Brent Manning (Manning)
    Former Rep. Kenny Hulshof (R-MO) Ran for Other Office
    2007 Report Notes: Gifts: Received waiver on gifts given in association with his wedding
  • Fishman, George Maurice
    House Judiciary Committee
    2010 Report Notes: Gifts: Brian Zimmer, wedding gift, Macy's gift card ($500)
  • Fox, Thomas R.
    Senate Resolution and Reorganization Reserve
    2010 Report Notes: Gifts: $400 from David O'Neil for 4 Redskins tickets (Ethics Committee waiver granted) 2009 Report Notes: Gifts: David G O'Neil, Sept. 18, 2008, 4 Redskins tickets vs. Arizona, $400