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Caught Our Eye

Monica Crowley lobbying for Trump-tied Ukrainian oligarch

Posted by Keturah Hetrick on March 14, 2017

Donald Trump insider and one-time National Security Council contender Monica Crowley is lobbying on behalf of Ukrainian oligarch and Trump donor Victor Pinchuk, who favors his country's compromise with Russia.

Writing in the Wall Street Journal in December, Pinchuk called for Ukraine to make "painful compromises" to reach peace with Russia, including eschewing proposed European Union and NATO membership and an "incremental rollback" of Russian sanctions. "Crimea must not get in the way of a deal that ends the war in the east on an equitable basis," he added.

The billionaire was reportedly the Trump Foundation's "single largest outside donor" of 2015, according to the Daily Beast. That year, the charity accepted a $150,000 gift from Pinchuk in exchange for a 21-minute video, played at the Victor Pinchuk Foundation's Yalta European Strategy conference, of Trump speaking with Fox News analyst Doug Schoen - whose name also appears on the lobbying filing as the primary registrant.

Crowley, who gained recent notoriety for her alleged plagiarism, is providing Pinchuk with "outreach services," according to the filing.