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Caught Our Eye

Posted by LegiStorm on Dec. 5, 2012

Congressional staff are supposed to work behind the scenes and leave all the headlines for their boss. However, as LegiStorm closed the book on the turbulent tenure of departed Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-Ill.), two of his less discreet staff caught our eye.

Jeffery Mingo, an aide in the congressional district's Homewood, Ill. office since 2000 (and even after Jackson left), describes himself as an "ethnic studies scholar" and student of such subjects as gay studies and critical race theory on his profile. Mingo's profile interspersed reviews of multiple pornographic titles with children's toys and cartoons. Here are Mingo's words on "Black Tranny Whackers 06" from Nov. 17:

"I want to see men get busy with trannies. I want to see men be passive with trannies. For those who like interracial action, a white typical male-black tranny combo would really show how opposites can attract. However, this is just black trannies mastering their domains. Black trannies need love too!...this monkey-spanking stuff is just too boring and uninteresting to be bothered with. Yuck! And Yawn!"

His review appeared one day after a much more glowing review of a DVD of "The Smurfs". Mingo did not have much better things to say about "Frat Boys on the Loose 08" on Oct. 18, in part because the movie featured "Ken doll types" and "I like men who are fat or have chest hair."

However, his Halloween review of "Forced Bi Cuckolds 05" was more favorable: "Here, all the men either give or receive male pleasure. ... You don't have to be a both-ways man to enjoy this novel and exciting new genre. I highly recommend it."

Mingo declined comment on his reviews. Within a few hours, the ones featuring pornography were taken down.

Another Jackson Jr. staffer is entangled with the former congressman in an anti-defamation lawsuit. Change Hamilton-Hayyim worked with Jackson for over five years before Jackson fired her for assisting an opponent in the 2nd district race this year.

Before being fired, Hamilton-Hayyim, a practicing Jew, sued Jackson Jr. and other staffers in August for not being able to take time off for Yom Kippur. According to court documents, "Hamilton-Hayyim generally alleges that Congressman Jackson, Caldwell, Bryant, and Posey failed to reasonably accommodate Hamilton-Hayyim's religion, failed to stop harassment, retaliated against Hamilton-Hayyim for asserting her protected rights, and subjected Hamilton-Hayyim to disparate conditions of employment." Her suit is ongoing, according to a report

Her blog features a birthday card from Jackson Jr. that says, "You're someone who doesn't compromise on being the person only you could be.  Someone who doesn't hold back on sharing the gifts only you can give.  And especially today, I, for one, want to say thank you, thank you, thank you. Love you Change!" He may not be thanking her any more for not holding back.