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Speaker Ryan’s Staff: Where Have They Been?

by Roll Call on 11/10/2015

Paul Ryan Asked to Curb Congressional Travel

by Roll Call on 11/06/2015

Comings and goings

by Washington Post on 11/04/2015

Looking for Lost References

by Roll Call on 11/04/2015

TripsCongressional Trips by Traveler Name

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Staffer Number of Trips Cost of Trips Approver(s)
Babcock, Douglas Wade (Doug) 1 $6370

Ohio DemocratBrown, Sen. Sherrod

Babson, Torrey A. 3 $3404

Retired  Illinois, 11th RepublicanWeller, Rep. Jerry

Baca, Richard E. (Rich) 1 $715

Defeated  Colorado, 3rd DemocratSalazar, Rep. John

Bachman, Bryson L. 3 $1818

Utah RepublicanLee, Sen. Mike

Bachman, Robin 6 $4442

New York, 12th DemocratMaloney, Rep. Carolyn

Bachner, Daniel J. (Dan) 1 $719

Delaware DemocratCoons, Sen. Chris

Bacigalupo, Rodney A.C. 2 $139

Tennessee, 7th RepublicanBlackburn, Rep. Marsha

Backstrom, Shelley L. 1 $355

South Dakota RepublicanThune, Sen. John

Bacon, Robert C. 7 $18822

Ohio, 13th DemocratRyan, Rep. Tim

Baco-Sanchez, Luis E. 4 $3191

Ran for Other Office  Puerto Rico, 1st RepublicanFortuño, Rep. Luis

Bacque, Emily K. 3 $3353

Retired  Louisiana DemocratBreaux, Sen. John

Bacus, Thomas Kent (Kent) 2 $4126

Defeated  North Carolina RepublicanDole, Sen. Elizabeth

Badger, Douglas Quinn (Doug) 9 $26461

Retired  Washington, 8th RepublicanDunn, Rep. Jennifer

Baer, Mara 1 $4200

Retired  South Dakota DemocratJohnson, Sen. Tim

Bagby, David R. 1 $537

Florida, 9th DemocratGrayson, Rep. Alan

Bagga, Sharlene 1 $307

Michigan, 9th DemocratLevin, Rep. Sandy

Baggett, Joshua Michael (Josh) 8 $19013

Illinois, 16th RepublicanKinzinger, Rep. Adam

Resigned  Illinois, 18th RepublicanSchock, Rep. Aaron

Baginsky, Mary Udovich 1 $1381

Retired  Indiana, 5th RepublicanBurton, Rep. Dan

Bahar, David 1 $542

Ran for Other Office  Washington, 1st DemocratInslee, Rep. Jay

Bahar, Michael 5 $4422

Maryland, 2nd DemocratRuppersberger, Rep. Dutch

California, 28th DemocratSchiff, Rep. Adam

859 results

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