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Democrats still shying away from town hall events

by Washington Free Beacon on 04/11/2016

TripsMost-Traveled Congressional Staffers

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Staffer Number of Trips Cost of Trips Approver(s)
Conzelman, James K. (Jim) 33 $82089

Retired  Ohio, 4th RepublicanOxley, Rep. Mike

Cavicke, David L. 30 $32771

Texas, 6th RepublicanBarton, Rep. Joe

Retired  Virginia, 7th RepublicanBliley, Rep. Tom

Retired  Louisiana, 3rd RepublicanTauzin, Rep. Billy

Cole, Kelly Angell 26 $48548

Texas, 6th RepublicanBarton, Rep. Joe

Retired  Louisiana, 3rd RepublicanTauzin, Rep. Billy

Cochran, Robert Armel (Bob) 24 $66516

Retired  California, 25th RepublicanMcKeon, Rep. Buck

Casey, Kevin 22 $38795

New York, 14th DemocratCrowley, Rep. Joe

Cooper, William S. III (Bill) 21 $29759

Texas, 6th RepublicanBarton, Rep. Joe

Retired  Louisiana, 3rd RepublicanTauzin, Rep. Billy

Conley, Howard H. (Chip) 21 $19823

Resigned  Texas, 19th RepublicanCombest, Rep. Larry

Virginia, 6th RepublicanGoodlatte, Rep. Bob

Minnesota, 7th DemocratPeterson, Rep. Collin

Chang, Shawn Hsiang 20 $24636

Retired  California, 33rd DemocratWatson, Rep. Diane

Retired  California, 33rd DemocratWaxman, Rep. Henry

Carroll, Patrick Braerton 20 $26323

Retired  Illinois, 18th RepublicanLaHood, Rep. Ray

Collins, Michael E. 19 $38917

Georgia, 5th DemocratLewis, Rep. John

Chapel, Elizabeth Saori Kowal 17 $27583

Texas, 6th RepublicanBarton, Rep. Joe

Defeated  Texas, 4th RepublicanHall, Rep. Ralph

Carter, Jessica Lynn 16 $17721

Tennessee, 8th RepublicanFincher, Rep. Stephen

New Mexico, 2nd RepublicanPearce, Rep. Steve

Defeated  California, 11th RepublicanPombo, Rep. Richard

Cavaliere, Frank G. 15 $18579

Defeated  Virginia RepublicanAllen, Sen. George

Cassidy, M. Edward (Ed) 15 $13318

Resigned  Ohio, 8th RepublicanBoehner, Rep. John

Retired  Washington, 4th RepublicanHastings, Rep. Doc

Cunningham, William Bryan (Bryan) 14 $26869

Resigned  Nevada RepublicanEnsign, Sen. John

Cleary, David P. 13 $7313

Tennessee RepublicanAlexander, Sen. Lamar

Resigned  Ohio, 8th RepublicanBoehner, Rep. John

Crenshaw, Laurent Morgan 12 $32582

California, 49th RepublicanIssa, Rep. Darrell

Cooke, Charles Edwin (Charlie) 12 $21704

Retired  Tennessee, 6th DemocratGordon, Rep. Bart

Defeated  Texas, 4th RepublicanHall, Rep. Ralph

Cline, Benjamin L. (Ben) 12 $16039

Virginia, 6th RepublicanGoodlatte, Rep. Bob

Christensen, Susan M. 12 $11042

Defeated  Connecticut, 5th RepublicanJohnson, Rep. Nancy Lee

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