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Democrats still shying away from town hall events

by Washington Free Beacon on 04/11/2016

Put the brakes on travel perks

by Star Tribune (Minneapolis, Minn.) on 04/04/2016

TripsCongressional Trips by Traveler Name

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Staffer Number of Trips Cost of Trips Approver(s)
Carney, Sean M. 1 $7422

Resigned  Virginia, 11th RepublicanDavis, Rep. Tom

Carofine, Christopher P. (Chris) 2 $1251

New Jersey, 5th RepublicanGarrett, Rep. Scott

Caron, Christopher Cole (Chris) 3 $28532

Oklahoma, 4th RepublicanCole, Rep. Tom

Carozza, Mary Elizabeth Rubin (Mary Beth) 7 $6558

Maine RepublicanCollins, Sen. Susan

Retired  Ohio, 7th RepublicanHobson, Rep. David

Ohio, 15th RepublicanStivers, Rep. Steve

Carpenter, Thomas Hambleton (Tom) 1 $1363

Ran for Other Office  Missouri, 2nd RepublicanAkin, Rep. Todd

Carr, Annette Madigan 2 $1366

Defeated  Pennsylvania, 3rd RepublicanEnglish, Rep. Phil

Carr, Christopher Michael (Chris) 4 $22026

Georgia RepublicanIsakson, Sen. Johnny

Carr, Julie Hershey 9 $15714

Pennsylvania, 16th RepublicanPitts, Rep. Joe

Carr, Julie Janine 1 $850

Retired  Massachusetts, 10th DemocratDelahunt, Rep. Bill

Carr, Megan Ivory 1 $5464

Retired  Minnesota, 3rd RepublicanRamstad, Rep. Jim

Carr, Michael S. (Mike) 1 $14016

Retired  New Mexico DemocratBingaman, Sen. Jeff

Carreiro, David 1 $738

California, 19th DemocratLofgren, Rep. Zoe

Carretta, Robert Todd (Bob) 1 $1665

California, 42nd RepublicanCalvert, Rep. Ken

Carrie, Mark A. 1 $3483

Texas, 18th DemocratJackson Lee, Rep. Sheila

Carroll, Amy Beth 2 $1961

Retired  New York, 24th RepublicanBoehlert, Rep. Sherry

Carroll, Caitlin Alene 1 $534

Texas, 17th RepublicanFlores, Rep. Bill

Carroll, David 1 $2255

Maryland DemocratCardin, Sen. Ben

Carroll, Jeffrey C. (Jeff) 4 $9945

New Jersey, 6th DemocratPallone, Rep. Frank

Carroll, J. Kevin 7 $8220

Retired  New York, 24th RepublicanBoehlert, Rep. Sherry

Carroll, Patrick Braerton 20 $26323

Retired  Illinois, 18th RepublicanLaHood, Rep. Ray

680 results

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