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LegiStorm is constantly adding new information on the people, places and reports in our database. In the past week, LegiStorm added:

  • 75 new people
  • 29 new organizations
  • 152 new photos
  • 530 job history records for people in our database
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  • 865 contact addresses, emails and URLs (LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.)
  • 94 new people through the revolving door
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  • 85 new hearings


TripsCongressional Trips by Traveler Name

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Staffer Number of Trips Cost of Trips Approver(s)
Hirschmann, Susan B. 18 $85135

Resigned  Texas, 22nd RepublicanDeLay, Former Rep. Tom

Harper, William J. (Bill) 12 $53648

Minnesota, 4th DemocratMcCollum, Rep. Betty

Hanson, Alan R. 12 $50952

Retired  Alabama, 6th RepublicanBachus, Former Rep. Spencer

Defeated  Kentucky, 3rd RepublicanNorthup, Former Rep. Anne Meagher

Resigned  Alabama RepublicanSessions, Former Sen. Jeff

Alabama RepublicanShelby, Sen. Richard

Holste, Robert L. (Bob) 16 $41502

Defeated  Pennsylvania, 3rd RepublicanEnglish, Former Rep. Phil

Hope, Karin M. 22 $41449

Retired  Minnesota, 3rd RepublicanRamstad, Former Rep. Jim

Hudson, Richard Lane Jr. 16 $40743

Texas, 31st RepublicanCarter, Rep. John

Texas, 11th RepublicanConaway, Rep. Mike

North Carolina, 5th RepublicanFoxx, Rep. Virginia

North Carolina, 8th RepublicanHudson, Rep. Richard

Hughes, Sean 16 $39030

Retired  Washington, 7th DemocratMcDermott, Former Rep. Jim

New York, 7th DemocratVelázquez, Rep. Nydia

Hardin, Helen 24 $38351

Ran for Other Office  Tennessee, 3rd RepublicanWamp, Former Rep. Zach

Head, Robert H. 5 $36712

Texas, 12th RepublicanGranger, Rep. Kay

Hartley, Gregory L. (Gregg) 14 $36117

Missouri RepublicanBlunt, Sen. Roy

Hatcher, Hugh S. 8 $34039

Retired  New York, 29th RepublicanHoughton, Former Rep. Amo

Hines, Shannon Hutcherson 12 $31971

Retired  Connecticut DemocratDodd, Former Sen. Chris

Alabama RepublicanShelby, Sen. Richard

Halpern, Hugh Nathanial 29 $29919

Retired  Virginia, 7th RepublicanBliley, Former Rep. Tom

Retired  California, 26th RepublicanDreier, Former Rep. David

Retired  Ohio, 4th RepublicanOxley, Former Rep. Mike

Wisconsin, 1st RepublicanRyan, Rep. Paul

Texas, 32nd RepublicanSessions, Rep. Pete

Husband, Shelley Hanger 33 $29564

Virginia, 6th RepublicanGoodlatte, Rep. Bob

Heil, David James (Dave) 12 $28972

Resigned  California, 50th RepublicanCunningham, Former Rep. Duke

Texas, 3rd RepublicanJohnson, Rep. Sam

Harrison, Orrin L. IV (Guy) 14 $28757

Texas, 32nd RepublicanSessions, Rep. Pete

Hsueh, Wallace Kai (Wally) 19 $26726

Montana RepublicanDaines, Sen. Steve

Idaho RepublicanRisch, Sen. Jim

Defeated  Oregon RepublicanSmith, Former Sen. Gordon

Retired  Maine RepublicanSnowe, Former Sen. Olympia

Defeated  Alaska RepublicanStevens, Former Sen. Ted

Hobart, Robert (Rob) 6 $26682

Ran for Other Office  Tennessee, 3rd RepublicanWamp, Former Rep. Zach

Hare, Michael H. 5 $26013

Ran for Senate  Louisiana, 3rd RepublicanBoustany, Former Rep. Charles

Higdon, Michael R. 15 $25962

Defeated  Maryland, 6th RepublicanBartlett, Former Rep. Roscoe

Kentucky, 5th RepublicanRogers, Rep. Hal

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