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TripsMost-Traveled Congressional Staffers

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Staffer Number of Trips Cost of Trips Approver(s)
Kelly, Rachel Z. 4 $11337

Connecticut, 4th DemocratHimes, Rep. Jim

Keber, Eric 4 $3720

Defeated  Minnesota, 1st RepublicanGutknecht, Rep. Gil

Retired  Florida, 15th RepublicanWeldon, Rep. Dave

Kavinoky, Paul Arthur 4 $4457

Defeated  Washington, 5th RepublicanNethercutt, Rep. George

Kaufman, Joseph W. (Joe) 4 $11420

Oklahoma, 1st RepublicanBridenstine, Rep. Jim

Katzin, Caroline E. 4 $3862

Retired  Indiana, 5th RepublicanBurton, Rep. Dan

Kassiday, Joel David 4 $4132

Retired  California, 24th RepublicanGallegly, Rep. Elton

Karsting, Philip C. (Phil) 4 $3755

Retired  Wisconsin DemocratKohl, Sen. Herb

Kakani, Anil Kumar 4 $9745

Resigned  New York DemocratClinton, Sen. Hillary

Kahlow, Barbara F. 4 $1677

Retired  Indiana, 5th RepublicanBurton, Rep. Dan

Resigned  Virginia, 11th RepublicanDavis, Rep. Tom

Kadden, Jeremy N. 4 $8989

Ran for Other Office  Nevada, 1st DemocratBerkley, Rep. Shelley

Retired  Arizona, 8th RepublicanKolbe, Rep. Jim

Kupferman, Alon J. 3 $4706

Resigned  Maryland, 4th DemocratWynn, Rep. Al

Krenrich, Stephanie Lynn 3 $6278

Retired  Illinois, 17th DemocratEvans, Rep. Lane

New Jersey, 9th DemocratPascrell, Rep. Bill

Kreikemeier, Chad Russell 3 $13636

New Hampshire DemocratShaheen, Sen. Jeanne

Kovarik, Kathy Nuebel 3 $13768

Iowa RepublicanGrassley, Sen. Chuck

Kolassa, Meghan T. 3 $1903

Defeated  Michigan, 7th RepublicanSchwarz, Rep. Joe

Kochvar, Brooks T. 3 $3590

Defeated  Indiana, 2nd RepublicanChocola, Rep. Chris

Koch, Jeffrey W. (Jeff) 3 $6529

Texas, 32nd RepublicanSessions, Rep. Pete

Knutson, Karen Y. 3 $4361

Retired  Kansas RepublicanBrownback, Sen. Sam

Alaska RepublicanMurkowski, Sen. Lisa

Knox, Jason Douglas 3 $4857

Utah, 1st RepublicanBishop, Rep. Rob

Michigan, 6th RepublicanUpton, Rep. Fred

Knox, Bradley L. (Brad) 3 $2519

Defeated  Illinois, 16th RepublicanManzullo, Rep. Donald

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