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Alan Grayson’s Double Life: Congressman and Hedge Fund Manager

by The New York Times on 02/11/2016

Ethics and Apartheid: How Israel Junkets Undermine U.S. Democracy

by Foreign Policy Journal on 02/02/2016

Lobbying World

by The Hill on 01/26/2016

For one day only, the Senate’s a matriarchy

by Roll Call on 01/26/2016

TripsCongressional Trips by Traveler Name

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Staffer Number of Trips Cost of Trips Approver(s)
MacGregor, Katharine Marie Sinclair (Kate) 2 $7995

Utah, 1st RepublicanBishop, Rep. Rob

Retired  Washington, 4th RepublicanHastings, Rep. Doc

Mulliken, E. Jane 1 $7989

Retired  New York, 29th DemocratLaFalce, Rep. John J.

Moon, Cara Elaine 3 $7945

Tennessee, 7th RepublicanBlackburn, Rep. Marsha

Mendelsohn, Mary Ellen 5 $7938

Retired  New York, 4th DemocratMcCarthy, Rep. Carolyn

Mucchetti, Michael John 3 $7933

Texas, 35th DemocratDoggett, Rep. Lloyd

Meyer, Matthew P. (Matt) 6 $7892

Tennessee, 1st RepublicanRoe, Rep. Phil

Defeated  Connecticut, 4th RepublicanShays, Rep. Chris

Milek, Jennifer L. 4 $7851

Texas, 28th DemocratCuellar, Rep. Henry

Defeated  Texas, 22nd DemocratLampson, Rep. Nick

Meuleman, Patrick S. 4 $7770

Retired  Idaho RepublicanCraig, Sen. Larry

Mazza, Nancy R. 1 $7720

Retired  North Carolina, 6th RepublicanCoble, Rep. Howard

Memmott, Justin J. 1 $7687

Wyoming RepublicanBarrasso, Sen. John

Maxwell, Kelly Fitzgerald 1 $7680

Retired  Pennsylvania, 3rd DemocratBorski, Rep. Robert

Marquez, Frances 2 $7642

California, 47th DemocratLowenthal, Rep. Alan

Moore, Guillermina Garcia (Mina) 2 $7631

Washington, 9th DemocratSmith, Rep. Adam

Metz, Craig Huseman 2 $7584

Died in Office  South Carolina, 2nd RepublicanSpence, Rep. Floyd

Myers, Roberta Hood 7 $7545

Retired  North Carolina, 10th RepublicanBallenger, Rep. Cass

Maurer, Gregory Maddox (Greg) 5 $7515

Resigned  Ohio, 8th RepublicanBoehner, Rep. John

Moore, Jonathan 3 $7428

Minnesota, 4th DemocratMcCollum, Rep. Betty

Defeated  New Jersey, 9th DemocratRothman, Rep. Steve

Miller, Kenneth E. (Ken) 4 $7426

Pennsylvania, 16th RepublicanPitts, Rep. Joe

Medley, Megan L. 4 $7391

Alabama, 4th RepublicanAderholt, Rep. Robert

Mederos, Leticia (Letty) 6 $7356

Retired  Florida, 17th DemocratMeek, Rep. Carrie Pittman

Retired  California, 11th DemocratMiller, Rep. George

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