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TripsMost-Traveled Congressional Staffers

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Staffer Number of Trips Cost of Trips Approver(s)
Pivarunas, Andrea K. (Andie) 2 $1147

Virginia, 9th RepublicanGriffith, Rep. Morgan

Pisano, Paul E. 2 $1393

Retired  Florida, 13th RepublicanMiller, Rep. Dan

Pirsch, Perry 2 $2082

Defeated  Nebraska, 2nd RepublicanTerry, Rep. Lee

Piper, William H. III (Billy) 2 $5908

Kentucky RepublicanMcConnell, Sen. Mitch

Pinsker, Pangeota C. (Penny) 2 $637

Died in Office  New Jersey DemocratLautenberg, Sen. Frank

Pinder, Albert William Joseph II (Joe) 2 $7656

Retired  Alabama, 6th RepublicanBachus, Rep. Spencer

Retired  Ohio, 4th RepublicanOxley, Rep. Mike

Pierson, Robert M. (Rob) 2 $1115

California, 17th DemocratHonda, Rep. Mike

Connecticut, 1st DemocratLarson, Rep. John

Phillips, Roy F. II 2 $3764

Retired  New Mexico RepublicanDomenici, Sen. Pete

Retired  Oklahoma RepublicanNickles, Sen. Don

Phillips, John Christopher 2 $1318

Retired  Missouri RepublicanBond, Sen. Kit

Resigned  Massachusetts DemocratKerry, Sen. John

Phillips, Jeffrey K. (Jeff) 2 $1710

Illinois RepublicanKirk, Sen. Mark

Phillips, Eleas Horne 2 $1841

Defeated  Pennsylvania, 4th RepublicanHart, Rep. Melissa

Phelan, Michael V. 2 $408

Defeated  Indiana RepublicanLugar, Sen. Dick

Pfotenhauer, Kurt Paul 2 $1572

Defeated  Oregon RepublicanSmith, Sen. Gordon

Pfaff, Melissa A. 2 $4634

Tennessee RepublicanAlexander, Sen. Lamar

Retired  New Hampshire RepublicanGregg, Sen. Judd

Pfaff, James Richard (Jim) 2 $1705

Kansas, 1st RepublicanHuelskamp, Rep. Tim

Pezalla, Amanda 2 $3459

Defeated  Minnesota, 6th DemocratLuther, Rep. Bill

Pewen, William F. (Bill) 2 $948

Retired  Maine RepublicanSnowe, Sen. Olympia

Petry, Sarah L. 2 $2279

Resigned  California, 48th RepublicanCox, Rep. Chris

Peterson, Dean Paul 2 $1416

Retired  Minnesota, 3rd RepublicanRamstad, Rep. Jim

Peterson, Aaron D. 2 $2367

Defeated  Minnesota, 2nd DemocratMinge, Rep. David

Defeated  Minnesota, 8th DemocratOberstar, Rep. Jim

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