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TripsMost-Traveled Congressional Staffers

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Staffer Number of Trips Cost of Trips Approver(s)
Perry, Rachel H. 7 $12084

Resigned  Illinois, 14th RepublicanHastert, Rep. Denny

Peluso, David Paul (Dave) 7 $15759

Florida, 12th RepublicanBilirakis, Rep. Gus

Washington, 5th RepublicanMcMorris Rodgers, Rep. Cathy

Pedersen, Jesper Packert 7 $23922

Defeated  California, 28th DemocratBerman, Rep. Howard

Resigned  Florida, 19th DemocratWexler, Rep. Robert

Pearce, Krisann A. 7 $5460

Ohio, 8th RepublicanBoehner, Rep. John

Retired  Pennsylvania, 19th RepublicanGoodling, Rep. Bill

Partoyan, Connie 7 $6108

Washington, 5th RepublicanMcMorris Rodgers, Rep. Cathy

Parker, Kimberly C. (Kim) 7 $15346

Illinois, 1st DemocratRush, Rep. Bobby

Porter, Robert Roger (Rob) 6 $7819

Utah RepublicanHatch, Sen. Orrin

Utah RepublicanLee, Sen. Mike

Ohio RepublicanPortman, Sen. Rob

Plumer, Christy D. 6 $8369

Defeated  Rhode Island RepublicanChafee, Sen. Lincoln

Philp, Julie A. 6 $19845

Defeated  Minnesota, 1st RepublicanGutknecht, Rep. Gil

Florida, 27th RepublicanRos-Lehtinen, Rep. Ileana

Petersen, Brian W. 6 $16074

Resigned  Ohio, 18th RepublicanNey, Rep. Bob

Perry, Brent J. 6 $21293

Defeated  Virginia RepublicanAllen, Sen. George

Perrotta, Steven J. (Steve) 6 $17446

Retired  New York, 29th RepublicanHoughton, Rep. Amo

Paup, Spivey J. 6 $8096

Texas, 31st RepublicanCarter, Rep. John

Parker, Scott Benson 6 $7418

Utah, 1st RepublicanBishop, Rep. Rob

Pape, Michael James 6 $5387

Kentucky, 1st RepublicanWhitfield, Rep. Ed

Pandya, Nishith K. 6 $6388

Illinois, 1st DemocratRush, Rep. Bobby

Pugh, Cary D. 5 $16993

Resigned  Montana DemocratBaucus, Sen. Max

Retired  New York DemocratMoynihan, Sen. Pat

Primus, Robert Edmund 5 $14788

Massachusetts, 7th DemocratCapuano, Rep. Mike

Prible, John M. 5 $7789

Retired  Oregon, 5th DemocratHooley, Rep. Darlene

Prater, Lori L. 5 $16888

Ran for Other Office  California, 15th RepublicanCampbell, Rep. Tom

Defeated  Oregon RepublicanSmith, Sen. Gordon

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