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TripsCongressional Trips by Traveler Name

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Staffer Number of Trips Cost of Trips Approver(s)
Smith, Nicole Venable 16 $56804

Defeated  Louisiana, 2nd DemocratJefferson, Rep. Bill

Smith, Noel Christian 3 $2885

Defeated  Tennessee, 4th DemocratDavis, Rep. Lincoln

Smith, Nora 1 $1215

Minnesota, 4th DemocratMcCollum, Rep. Betty

Smith, Pamela J. (Pam) 2 $4148

Retired  Iowa DemocratHarkin, Sen. Tom

Smith, Pati L. 3 $1504

Died in Office  Wyoming RepublicanThomas, Sen. Craig

Smith, Paul G. 1 $756

Iowa, 1st RepublicanBlum, Rep. Rod

Smith, Ray Lee 3 $11728

Florida, 4th RepublicanCrenshaw, Rep. Ander

Smith, Robert Leverett II (Rob) 1 $1695

Retired  Oklahoma, 3rd RepublicanWatkins, Rep. Wesley Wade

Smith, Ryan Anthony 1 $899

Retired  Colorado RepublicanAllard, Sen. Wayne

Smith, Shannon Lee 16 $19930

Maine RepublicanCollins, Sen. Susan

Illinois DemocratDurbin, Sen. Dick

California, 13th DemocratLee, Rep. Barbara

Smith, Sidney C. (Sid) 1 $1478

Retired  Idaho RepublicanCraig, Sen. Larry

Smith, Stephanie Blanton 5 $14238

Retired  California, 26th RepublicanDreier, Rep. David

Smith, Stephanie S. 2 $5883

Retired  Texas, 20th DemocratGonzalez, Rep. Charlie

Smith, Tiffany L. 1 $621

Ran for Other Office  Florida DemocratGraham, Sen. Bob

Smith, Timothy S. (Smitty) 1 $470

Defeated  Pennsylvania, 17th DemocratHolden, Rep. Tim

Smith, Todd Roy 3 $7553

Defeated  California, 11th RepublicanPombo, Rep. Richard

Kansas, 3rd RepublicanYoder, Rep. Kevin

Smith, Todd Wesley 1 $1650

Resigned  Georgia, 9th RepublicanDeal, Rep. Nathan

Smith, Travis R. 3 $11567

Kansas, 3rd RepublicanYoder, Rep. Kevin

Smith, Walter B. Jr. (Walt) 2 $1173

Defeated  Texas, 23rd RepublicanBonilla, Rep. Henry

Smith, Whitney P. 2 $4100

Defeated  California, 11th RepublicanPombo, Rep. Richard

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