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LegiStorm is constantly adding new information on the people, places and reports in our database. In the past week, LegiStorm added:

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TripsCongressional Trips by Traveler Name

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Staffer Number of Trips Cost of Trips Approver(s)
Foster, Susannah L. 8 $8022

Retired  New York, 24th RepublicanBoehlert, Former Rep.. Sherry

Farris, Amanda L. 6 $8055

Resigned  Ohio, 8th RepublicanBoehner, Former Rep.. John

Fisher, Gene T. 5 $8063

Defeated  Michigan, 13th DemocratKilpatrick, Former Rep.. Carolyn Cheeks

Frias, Michael Joaquin 1 $8083

Arizona, 1st DemocratKirkpatrick, Rep. Ann

Fettig, Dwight Alan 2 $8200

Retired  South Dakota DemocratJohnson, Former Sen.. Tim

Fisher, Mischa 4 $8310

Illinois, 14th RepublicanHultgren, Rep. Randy

Foster, Christopher Andrew (Chris) 3 $8365

Defeated  California, 45th RepublicanBono, Former Rep.. Mary

Defeated  California, 11th RepublicanPombo, Former Rep.. Richard

Fish, Christopher A. (Chris) 6 $8377

Defeated  New York, 20th RepublicanSweeney, Former Rep.. John

Ford, Randall W. (Randy) 4 $8497

Retired  Tennessee, 8th DemocratTanner, Former Rep.. John

Forte, Denise M. 13 $8586

Retired  California, 11th DemocratMiller, Former Rep.. George

Virginia, 3rd DemocratScott, Rep. Bobby

Fong, Isaac Jong Yon 4 $8667

Pennsylvania, 3rd RepublicanKelly, Rep. Mike

Fordham, Kirk J. 5 $8731

Resigned  Florida, 16th RepublicanFoley, Former Rep.. Mark

Retired  New York, 26th RepublicanReynolds, Former Rep.. Thomas M.

Flynn, Daniel P. 11 $8814

Resigned  Texas, 22nd RepublicanDeLay, Former Rep.. Tom

Fortson, Kyle Hicks 4 $8898

Retired  Alabama, 6th RepublicanBachus, Former Rep.. Spencer

Wyoming RepublicanEnzi, Sen. Mike

Facchiano, Gregory Vincent (Greg) 8 $9090

Nevada, 3rd RepublicanHeck, Rep. Joe

Louisiana RepublicanVitter, Sen. David

Fienberg, Howard J. 2 $9110

Resigned  California, 48th RepublicanCox, Former Rep.. Chris

Fornarotto, Christa 4 $9151

Retired  Illinois, 12th DemocratCostello, Former Rep.. Jerry

Farough, Daniel G. (Dan) 1 $9424

Michigan DemocratStabenow, Sen. Debbie

Friesz, Maynard Louis 6 $9472

Retired  North Dakota DemocratDorgan, Former Sen.. Byron

Feldgus, Steven H. (Steve) 5 $9671

Oregon, 4th DemocratDeFazio, Rep. Peter

Arizona, 3rd DemocratGrijalva, Rep. Raúl

New Jersey DemocratMenéndez, Sen. Bob

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