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Ethics and Apartheid: How Israel Junkets Undermine U.S. Democracy

by Foreign Policy Journal on 02/02/2016

Lobbying World

by The Hill on 01/26/2016

For one day only, the Senate’s a matriarchy

by Roll Call on 01/26/2016

The wait is over for ex-lawmakers ready to lobby

by Roll Call on 01/19/2016

TripsCongressional Trips by Traveler Name

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Staffer Number of Trips Cost of Trips Approver(s)
Tryon, Warren J. 43 $71588

Retired  Alabama, 6th RepublicanBachus, Rep. Spencer

Turner, James Hilton Jr. 40 $60872

Retired  Tennessee, 6th DemocratGordon, Rep. Bart

Defeated  Texas, 4th RepublicanHall, Rep. Ralph

Wisconsin, 5th RepublicanSensenbrenner, Rep. Jim

Taylor, Gordon M. 20 $35205

Ran for Other Office  Louisiana, 7th DemocratJohn, Rep. Chris

Tennille, Alan Newton 12 $34757

Texas, 27th RepublicanFarenthold, Rep. Blake

Retired  California, 25th RepublicanMcKeon, Rep. Buck

Retired  Illinois, 11th RepublicanWeller, Rep. Jerry

Thompson, Jennifer 7 $34223

Defeated  North Carolina, 8th RepublicanHayes, Rep. Robin

South Dakota RepublicanThune, Sen. John

Tsentas, Christos Andros 10 $31300

California, 13th DemocratLee, Rep. Barbara

Taub, Robert Garson 18 $28514

Retired  Indiana, 5th RepublicanBurton, Rep. Dan

Resigned  New York, 23rd RepublicanMcHugh, Rep. John

Todd, William Gardner IV (Will) 7 $28359

Mississippi RepublicanCochran, Sen. Thad

Tiongson, Anastasia Hope Soumbeniotis (Stacie) 10 $27420

Defeated  Minnesota, 8th DemocratOberstar, Rep. Jim

Resigned  Pennsylvania, 9th RepublicanShuster, Rep. Bud

Alaska, 1st RepublicanYoung, Rep. Don

Thompson, Dana J. 4 $27325

Texas, 18th DemocratJackson Lee, Rep. Sheila

Thompson, Mischa E. 11 $26530

New York, 5th DemocratMeeks, Rep. Gregory

Tsao, Adam Y.C. 11 $24126

Resigned  Pennsylvania, 9th RepublicanShuster, Rep. Bud

Alaska, 1st RepublicanYoung, Rep. Don

Teller, Paul S. 27 $22621

Texas RepublicanCruz, Sen. Ted

Texas, 5th RepublicanHensarling, Rep. Jeb

Ohio, 4th RepublicanJordan, Rep. Jim

Retired  North Carolina, 9th RepublicanMyrick, Rep. Sue

Texas, 19th RepublicanNeugebauer, Rep. Randy

Ran for Other Office  Indiana, 6th RepublicanPence, Rep. Mike

Georgia, 6th RepublicanPrice, Rep. Tom

Louisiana, 1st RepublicanScalise, Rep. Steve

Retired  Arizona, 3rd RepublicanShadegg, Rep. John

Tighe, William (Bill) 11 $22582

Defeated  Pennsylvania, 17th RepublicanGekas, Rep. George W.

Retired  Pennsylvania, 6th RepublicanGerlach, Rep. Jim

Pennsylvania, 10th RepublicanMarino, Rep. Tom

Trottenberg, Polly Ellen 9 $22198

California DemocratBoxer, Sen. Barbara

New York DemocratSchumer, Sen. Chuck

Traub, Jonathan G. (Jon) 14 $21859

Retired  Michigan, 4th RepublicanCamp, Rep. Dave

Retired  Louisiana, 4th RepublicanMcCrery, Rep. Jim

Twining, Daniel C. 5 $18799

Arizona RepublicanMcCain, Sen. John

Thompson, Franklin Douglass (Doug) 6 $18637

Retired  Tennessee, 8th DemocratTanner, Rep. John

Tebbe, David 5 $18606

California, 49th RepublicanIssa, Rep. Darrell

Toomey, David J. (Dave) 7 $18564

Retired  South Dakota DemocratJohnson, Sen. Tim

Defeated  Ohio, 13th DemocratSawyer, Rep. Tom

342 results

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