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TripsCongressional Trips by Traveler Name

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Staffer Number of Trips Cost of Trips Approver(s)
Kraft, Kenneth Andrew 11 $60107

Retired  Ohio, 7th RepublicanHobson, Former Rep.. David

Stombres, Steven C. (Steve) 32 $59750

Resigned  Virginia, 7th RepublicanCantor, Former Rep.. Eric

Perry, Richard S. 19 $59732

South Carolina RepublicanGraham, Sen. Lindsey

Magill, John Pierson 11 $58374

Retired  California, 2nd RepublicanHerger, Former Rep.. Wally

Smith, Nicole Venable 16 $56804

Defeated  Louisiana, 2nd DemocratJefferson, Former Rep.. Bill

Gonzalez, Cesar A. 17 $56791

Retired  Florida, 21st RepublicanDiaz-Balart, Former Rep.. Lincoln

Florida, 25th RepublicanDiaz-Balart, Rep. Mario

Ahwinona, Cynthia A. 28 $56537

Retired  Utah, 1st RepublicanHansen, Former Rep.. James

Defeated  California, 11th RepublicanPombo, Former Rep.. Richard

Alaska, 1st RepublicanYoung, Rep. Don

Rimkunas, Matthew R. (Matt) 12 $54200

South Carolina RepublicanGraham, Sen. Lindsey

Arizona RepublicanMcCain, Sen. John

Harper, William J. (Bill) 12 $53648

Minnesota, 4th DemocratMcCollum, Rep. Betty

Johnson, Eric J. 13 $52864

Resigned  Florida, 19th DemocratWexler, Former Rep.. Robert

Willcox, Lawrence G. 18 $52040

Texas, 3rd RepublicanJohnson, Rep. Sam

Retired  Arizona RepublicanKyl, Former Sen.. Jon

Berry, Timothy J. (Tim) 26 $51764

Resigned  Texas, 22nd RepublicanDeLay, Former Rep.. Tom

California, 23rd RepublicanMcCarthy, Rep. Kevin

Downs, Glen Alan 24 $51181

North Carolina, 3rd RepublicanJones, Rep. Walter Jr.

Hanson, Alan R. 12 $50952

Retired  Alabama, 6th RepublicanBachus, Former Rep.. Spencer

Defeated  Kentucky, 3rd RepublicanNorthup, Former Rep.. Anne Meagher

Alabama RepublicanSessions, Sen. Jeff

Alabama RepublicanShelby, Sen. Richard

Beckerman, Michael 16 $50861

Texas, 11th RepublicanConaway, Rep. Mike

Retired  New York, 27th RepublicanQuinn, Former Rep.. Jack

Michigan, 6th RepublicanUpton, Rep. Fred

MacDonald, Brian Christopher 18 $50768

Oregon, 2nd RepublicanWalden, Rep. Greg

Katz, Jonathan D. (Jon) 14 $50741

Resigned  Florida, 19th DemocratWexler, Former Rep.. Robert

McKenney, Kerry B. 27 $50335

Died in Office  New Jersey, 10th DemocratPayne, Former Rep.. Don

Vermilye, Andrew Riker (Andy) 23 $50329

Retired  Louisiana DemocratBreaux, Former Sen.. John

Weston, Ryan E. 34 $50217

Resigned  Texas, 19th RepublicanCombest, Former Rep.. Larry

Virginia, 6th RepublicanGoodlatte, Rep. Bob

Oklahoma, 3rd RepublicanLucas, Rep. Frank

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