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LegiStorm is constantly adding new information on the people, places and reports in our database. In the past week, LegiStorm added:

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TripsMost-Traveled Congressional Staffers

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Staffer Number of Trips Cost of Trips Approver(s)
Carroll, Patrick Braerton 20 $26323

Retired  Illinois, 18th RepublicanLaHood, Former Rep.. Ray

Buckley, John Lester 20 $19445

New York, 13th DemocratRangel, Rep. Charlie

Walker, Ryan P. 19 $28551

Died in Office  Ohio, 5th RepublicanGillmor, Former Rep.. Paul

Ohio, 5th RepublicanLatta, Rep. Bob

Van Der Meid, Theodore J. (Ted) 19 $37207

Resigned  Illinois, 14th RepublicanHastert, Former Rep.. Denny

Stien, Robert Sean (Rob) 19 $32295

Defeated  Nebraska, 2nd RepublicanTerry, Former Rep.. Lee

Seyfert, Michael Joseph (Mike) 19 $18037

Kansas RepublicanRoberts, Sen. Pat

Ring, Lori Salley 19 $13988

Missouri, 6th RepublicanGraves, Rep. Sam

Retired  Ohio, 15th RepublicanPryce, Former Rep.. Deborah

Perry, Richard S. 19 $59732

South Carolina RepublicanGraham, Sen. Lindsey

Nickson, Julie Little 19 $49432

Ohio, 9th DemocratKaptur, Rep. Marcy

California, 13th DemocratLee, Rep. Barbara

Nevins, Kyle William 19 $33830

Missouri RepublicanBlunt, Sen. Roy

Resigned  Virginia, 7th RepublicanCantor, Former Rep.. Eric

Min, James B. 19 $13600

California, 23rd RepublicanMcCarthy, Rep. Kevin

Retired  California, 22nd RepublicanThomas, Former Rep.. Bill

Jafari, Elizabeth Hall (Beth) 19 $38451

Texas RepublicanCornyn, Sen. John

Harper, Todd Mitchell 19 $21861

Defeated  Pennsylvania, 11th DemocratKanjorski, Former Rep.. Paul

Gartzke, Dana 19 $30963

Louisiana, 4th RepublicanFleming, Rep. John

Florida, 8th RepublicanPosey, Rep. Bill

Retired  Florida, 15th RepublicanWeldon, Former Rep.. Dave

Bingel, Kelly Rucker 19 $29055

Defeated  Arkansas DemocratLincoln, Former Sen.. Blanche

Woolley, Leslie Ann 18 $18868

Retired  Georgia DemocratMiller, Former Sen.. Zell

Willcox, Lawrence G. 18 $52040

Texas, 3rd RepublicanJohnson, Rep. Sam

Retired  Arizona RepublicanKyl, Former Sen.. Jon

Wichterman, William Bruce (Bill) 18 $16485

Retired  Tennessee RepublicanFrist, Former Sen.. Bill

Pennsylvania, 16th RepublicanPitts, Rep. Joe

Watkins, Yelberton R. (Yebbie) 18 $37366

South Carolina, 6th DemocratClyburn, Rep. Jim

Van Doren, Lisa Kelley 18 $26386

Virginia, 6th RepublicanGoodlatte, Rep. Bob

Defeated  Texas, 17th DemocratStenholm, Former Rep.. Charlie

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