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LegiStorm is constantly adding new information on the people, places and reports in our database. In the past week, LegiStorm added:

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TripsCongressional Trips by Traveler Name

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Staffer Number of Trips Cost of Trips Approver(s)
Wykle, Chadwick J. 1 $139

Defeated  West Virginia, 3rd DemocratRahall, Rep. Nick

Wyckoff, SoRelle C. 2 $1251

Washington, 5th RepublicanMcMorris Rodgers, Rep. Cathy

Wyche, Anthony J. (Tony) 2 $982

Defeated  Missouri DemocratCarnahan, Sen. Jean

Wybensinger, Netonis E. (Tonnie) 10 $9454

Defeated  Florida, 24th RepublicanFeeney, Rep. Tom

Missouri, 3rd RepublicanLuetkemeyer, Rep. Blaine

Florida, 8th RepublicanPosey, Rep. Bill

Pennsylvania RepublicanToomey, Sen. Pat

Wyatt, Nicholas A. (Nick) 3 $2016

Utah RepublicanHatch, Sen. Orrin

Wyatt, John Edward 1 $371

Texas, 22nd RepublicanOlson, Rep. Pete

Wuerfmannsdobler, Franz Xaver 5 $10069

Died in Office  West Virginia DemocratByrd, Sen. Robert

Delaware DemocratCoons, Sen. Chris

Wu, Portia Y. 2 $553

Died in Office  Massachusetts DemocratKennedy, Sen. Ted

Wu, Benjamin H. 2 $503

Retired  New York, 24th RepublicanBoehlert, Rep. Sherry

Wisconsin, 5th RepublicanSensenbrenner, Rep. Jim

Wright, Ronald Jack (Ron) 1 $999

Texas, 6th RepublicanBarton, Rep. Joe

Wright, Ricky D. 3 $2002

Texas, 11th RepublicanConaway, Rep. Mike

Wright, Mary Ellen 1 $495

Resigned  Texas, 22nd RepublicanDeLay, Rep. Tom

Wright, Lisa Lyons 1 $586

Defeated  Maryland, 6th RepublicanBartlett, Rep. Roscoe

Wright, Jody Hernandez 1 $3950

Retired  Oklahoma RepublicanNickles, Sen. Don

Wright, Gregory W. 4 $1620

Retired  Georgia RepublicanChambliss, Sen. Saxby

Wright, Earl Isaac 2 $598

Ran for Other Office  Tennessee, 9th DemocratFord, Rep. Harold Eugene

Wright, Andrew McCanse (Andy) 2 $2878

Retired  New York, 10th DemocratTowns, Rep. Ed

Retired  California, 33rd DemocratWaxman, Rep. Henry

Wright, Adrian D. 1 $1639

Florida, 5th DemocratBrown, Rep. Corrine

Wrenn, Emily C. 1 $472

North Carolina, 13th RepublicanHolding, Rep. George

Wray, Henry R. 3 $1019

Retired  California, 38th RepublicanHorn, Rep. Steve

Retired  Tennessee RepublicanThompson, Sen. Fred

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