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Moran stands as Senate's town hall frontrunner

by Topeka (Kan.) Capital-Journal on 12/21/2014

Cramer Tops in Town Hall Meetings

by KXNews (Bismarck, N.D.) on 12/19/2014

Wife of Rep. Hudson now working for another lawmaker

by The Hill on 12/18/2014

Russia’s claim that 80 percent of Congress never traveled overseas

by Washington Post on 12/18/2014

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Fiscal Year(s)

View earmark details Earmark Spending Ranked by Top Receiving Organizations

Earmark details Ranking Receiving Organizations Sponsoring Member Total Amount Received


Number of Earmarks Average Amount per Earmark
View earmark details 46 Teach for America Sen. Barbara Mikulski (-MD)
Sen. Barbara Mikulski (-MD)
$40,245,000 5 $8,049,000
View earmark details 47 Iowa State University Sen. John Boozman (-AR)
Rep. Tom Latham (-IA)
Rep. Mike Ross (-AR)
Rep. Tom Latham (-IA)
Sen. Chuck Grassley (-IA)
Sen. Tom Harkin (-IA)
$39,446,000 38 $1,038,053
View earmark details 48 Learning Ally Rep. Rush Holt (-NJ)
Sen. Tom Harkin (-IA)
Sen. Arlen Specter (-PA)
Sen. Tom Harkin (-IA)
$39,273,000 3 $13,091,000
View earmark details 49 Minnesota National Guard Rep. Tim Walz (-MN)
Rep. Jim Oberstar (-MN)
Rep. Solomon Ortiz (-TX)
Rep. Ed Whitfield (-KY)
$38,848,000 10 $3,884,800
View earmark details 50 Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the United States Senate Sen. Robert Byrd (-WV)
Sen. Chris Dodd (-CT)
Sen. Dick Durbin (-IL)
Sen. Ed Markey (-MA)
Sen. John Kerry (-MA)
Sen. Paul G. Kirk (-MA)
$38,315,000 3 $12,771,667
View earmark details 51 Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery Sen. Dick Durbin (-IL)
$38,300,000 1 $38,300,000
View earmark details 52 VSA - The International Organization on Arts and Disability Rep. Neil Abercrombie (-HI)
Sen. Jeff Bingaman (-NM)
Sen. Thad Cochran (-MS)
$37,533,000 1 $37,533,000
View earmark details 53 Marshall University Sen. Robert Byrd (-WV)
Sen. Robert Byrd (-WV)
$37,524,800 19 $1,974,989
View earmark details 54 University of South Alabama Sen. Richard Shelby (-AL)
Rep. Jo Bonner (-AL)
$37,224,500 12 $3,102,042
View earmark details 55 Council for Economic Education Rep. Neil Abercrombie (-HI)
Rep. Mike Arcuri (-NY)
Rep. Xavier Becerra (-CA)
Rep. Neil Abercrombie (-HI)
Rep. Artur Genestre Davis (-AL)
Rep. Geoff Davis (-KY)
$36,936,000 2 $18,468,000
View earmark details 56 Boeing Co. Rep. Todd Tiahrt (-KS)
Rep. Allen Boyd (-FL)
Rep. Jeff Miller (-FL)
$36,900,000 7 $5,271,429
View earmark details 57 Great Lakes Fishery Commission
$36,721,000 4 $9,180,250
View earmark details 58 Argonne National Laboratory Rep. Judy Biggert (-IL)
Rep. Debbie Halvorson (-IL)
$35,877,000 3 $11,959,000
View earmark details 59 Internal Revenue Service
$35,822,000 1 $35,822,000
View earmark details 60 Tennessee National Guard Rep. Lincoln Davis (-TN)
Rep. John Tanner (-TN)
Sen. Lamar Alexander (-TN)
Rep. Lincoln Davis (-TN)
Rep. John J. Duncan (-TN)
Rep. Zach Wamp (-TN)
$34,920,000 10 $3,492,000
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9625 results

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