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Media Kit

Do you need accurate, reliable and timely sourcing information for Capitol Hill?

Do you need to uncover the connections about the people and events that drive America’s national legislative process?

From the largest international news wires to individual freelance journalists, political and investigative reporters rely on LegiStorm for the reliable information they need to understand the people, events and processes on Capitol Hill that shape national politics. Click here to visit our In the News section to see how journalists have used our data for investigative and other purposes.

Who We Are

LegiStorm LLC is a non-partisan, for-profit company that researches, verifies and publishes accurate, timely and comprehensive information about members of Congress and congressional staff. We go to exhaustive lengths to collect and verify this information through disciplined research processes combined with the extensive application of technology.

What We Do

LegiStorm Pro is a fully integrated, Web-based platform providing comprehensive intelligence about the people and events that influence the nation’s legislative process. Our database is fully relational, allowing us to make revealing connections that provide insights into decision-making on Capitol Hill. LegiStorm Pro includes:

- The industry's most accurate, timely and comprehensive database on members and congressional staff, including state and district staff

- Details beyond contact information including legislative issues covered, roles and titles, education and work histories, disclosures and social media links 

- Member and staff salary data, official expenses, personal financial disclosures and privately funded travel

- Demographic data on members and staff, including age, gender and religion

- Real-time access to press releases and official Twitter feeds from the Hill, as well as press releases from more than 180 Executive agencies and the Judiciary, fully searchable

- Real-time access to policy reports from congressional sources, as well as GAO reports and most CRS reports, fully searchable

- Customized email Lightning Alerts to help you stay on top of critical issues

- Tracking of the revolving door between Capitol Hill and the lobbying world

- The full schedule of Senate and House hearings

- The full schedule of Town Hall meetings

We encourage members of the press to use our data and newsletter content in their stories.

Free trials are available upon request for organizations evaluating a LegiStorm Pro subscription, please click here to schedule a demo and get started.  Please also note that journalists receive a 10% discount on monthly and annual subscriptions to LegiStorm Pro.

If you are working on a specific story, and think our data could be an asset to your research, please send a message to with a detailed description of your needs and how you think we can help.