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The ultimate political job-search tool

Since we first launched, LegiStorm has been an unmatched resource for people seeking congressional jobs. We provide information on all Hill staff, including salary records, to help you know what to expect before, during and after you get to the Hill.

And to help you get there faster, we also show you who’s who in the offices you care about. You can search our vast array of biographical material on congressional staff to find people with similar affinities, such as where you went to school, your fraternity, your college activities, and much more. And when it's time to connect with them, we offer accurate contact information and social media links. Whether you’re going after that first staff assistant position or you’re returning as a senior staffer, a LegiStorm Pro subscription will provide you the crucial insider information you need to land the right job on the Hill.

Best of all, we make your job search affordable with our cost-effective 3-day Express subscription. If you need more time, we also offer monthly subscriptions.

Key Features

  • Staff Directories

    Staff Directories

    See at a glance who’s who in member offices, leadership offices and committees. We provide names, titles, policy issues covered and location information. Click on a staffer’s name to reveal verified contact information, deep biographical details and a whole lot more.

  • Accurate Contacts

    Accurate Contacts

    Accurate and verified contact details for congressional staff, updated in real-time. We provide emails, office addresses, and work phone and fax numbers for all staff, including district employees. We can say confidently that our contact data is unparalleled in accuracy, comprehensiveness and timeliness.

  • Biographical Information

    Biographical Information

    We provide the most comprehensive collection of biographical information ever assembled about the people who run Congress. For members of Congress and their staff, we have educational backgrounds, job histories, military service information, social media links, family connections, hobbies, hometowns and more.

  • Networking Opportunities

    Networking Opportunities

    We provide verified links to thousands of staffer social media accounts - LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and more. We do all the sometimes-complicated sleuthing so you can connect with and learn more about the people you work with.

  • Committees and Caucuses

    Committees and Caucuses

    We provide current committee and caucus membership rosters which are updated on a rolling basis, giving you the ability to reach exactly the right person on the Hill who is committed to your issue. For committees we offer member lists and staff directories with verified titles. For caucuses, we identify chairs and staff contacts as well as any related working groups and task forces. Our real-time data is the most comprehensive available. See PDF

  • Advanced Staff Searches

    Advanced Staff Searches

    Advanced staff search is one of LegiStorm Pro's most-powerful features. Search based on office, title, legislative issue covered, alma mater, fraternity and even college activity. Build custom contact lists to find just the staffers you need to network with.

  • Salaries


    LegiStorm is the only online source of all congressional staff salary data going back to 2000. Often a staffer’s job title gives you no clue as to how junior or senior they may be in the office hierarchy. Salary records are a unique resource to find out who's at the top of the Capitol Hill food chain. See PDF

  • Flexible Subscription Plans

    Flexible Subscription Plans

    For power media users who want the best value and unlimited browsing, we have annual subscription plans. But our monthly and 3-day plans accommodate those on tighter budgets with more limited need of our valuable congressional information.