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Caught Our Eye

UN phonies hire foreign agent

Posted by Keturah Hetrick on Oct. 10, 2017

A scam organization claiming to be a specialized agency of the United Nations has hired its own foreign agent in the United States. 

The Philippines-based Global Infrastructure Development and International Finance Agency is paying a former Florida stock broker to help with its "humanitarian funding agreements and compliance" work, according to a Justice Department filing.

It's unclear why the organization turned to Windermere, Fla. resident Kirk Bradach to complete the work.

GIDIFA has run numerous cons, including an attempt to scam the government of Chad earlier this year by presenting itself as a U.N. special agency. The group is led by Angel Ferdinand Marcos, a man who claims to be the illigitimate son of former Philippines dictator Ferdinand Marcos and whom a Philippines ambassador once described as "a conman with a lengthy criminal record."

A U.N. deputy spokesperson confirmed to LegiStorm that GIDIFA is not a U.N. specialized agency.