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Staff members indicted for Plaskett leak

by Virgin Islands Daily News on 07/15/2017

Lobbying World

by The Hill on 06/27/2017

House Ethics appears to be investigating John Lewis’ top aide

by AJC on 06/26/2017

Cantwell nabs 'Hardball' producer

by E&E News on 06/21/2017

TripsCongressional Trips by Traveler Name

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Staffer Number of Trips Cost of Trips Approver(s)
Patru, Kathryn Strand (Katie) 14 $11841

Resigned  Virginia, 7th RepublicanCantor, Former Rep. Eric

Mississippi, 3rd RepublicanHarper, Rep. Gregg

Texas, 5th RepublicanHensarling, Rep. Jeb

Washington, 5th RepublicanMcMorris Rodgers, Rep. Cathy

Ran for Other Office  Indiana, 6th RepublicanPence, Former Rep. Mike

Retired  Florida, 12th RepublicanPutnam, Former Rep. Adam

Pleasants, Ida Patricia 3 $11603

Defeated  North Carolina, 2nd DemocratEtheridge, Former Rep. Bob

Pederson, Spencer B. 4 $11430

Retired  California, 19th RepublicanRadanovich, Former Rep. George

South Carolina RepublicanScott, Sen. Tim

Pignatelli, Donna M. 4 $11416

Ohio DemocratBrown, Sen. Sherrod

Retired  Tennessee, 6th DemocratGordon, Former Rep. Bart

Person, James Andrew (Andrew) 3 $11176

Resigned  Montana DemocratBaucus, Former Sen. Max

Peluso, Elizabeth Glidden (Lizzy) 2 $11039

Illinois, 11th DemocratFoster, Rep. Bill

Minnesota DemocratKlobuchar, Sen. Amy

Patterson, Stephen K. 5 $10902

Defeated  Arkansas DemocratLincoln, Former Sen. Blanche

Piccolo, Fredrick J. Jr. (Fred) 1 $10521

Florida, 15th RepublicanRoss, Rep. Dennis

Piggee, Darryl A. 7 $10499

Missouri, 1st DemocratClay, Rep. Lacy

Pearl, Jonathan J. 2 $10499

Retired  Connecticut DemocratDodd, Former Sen. Chris

Phillips, George K. 3 $10475

New Jersey, 4th RepublicanSmith, Rep. Chris

Pawlow, Jonathan R. (Jon) 8 $10303

Defeated  Florida, 7th RepublicanMica, Former Rep. John

Washington, 9th DemocratSmith, Rep. Adam

Alaska, 1st RepublicanYoung, Rep. Don

Pfrang, Steven H. (Steve) 5 $10146

Illinois, 18th RepublicanLaHood, Rep. Darin

New York, 23rd RepublicanReed, Rep. Tom

Powden, Mark E. 2 $10078

Ohio DemocratBrown, Sen. Sherrod

Patel, Rudhir B. 1 $9950

Retired  New York, 5th DemocratAckerman, Former Rep. Gary

Petersen, Jeremy Scott (Scott) 8 $9788

Resigned  California, 18th DemocratCardoza, Former Rep. Dennis

California, 16th DemocratCosta, Rep. Jim

Paul, Jordan 2 $9750

Retired  Florida, 21st RepublicanDiaz-Balart, Former Rep. Lincoln

Retired  Florida RepublicanMack, Former Sen. Connie

Patrick, Sherman 2 $9344

Delaware DemocratCoons, Sen. Chris

Retired  Delaware DemocratKaufman, Former Sen. Ted

Penn, Oren S. 2 $9294

Retired  California, 22nd RepublicanThomas, Former Rep. Bill

Pelley, Reece J. 2 $9200

South Carolina RepublicanGraham, Sen. Lindsey

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