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TripsCongressional Trips by Traveler Name

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Staffer Number of Trips Cost of Trips Approver(s)
Adamo, Christopher John (Chris) 5 $11011

Defeated  Utah RepublicanBennett, Former Sen.. Bob

Michigan DemocratStabenow, Sen. Debbie

Adams, Alyssa S. 1 $762

Arizona, 3rd DemocratGrijalva, Rep. Raúl

Adams, Carrie Elizabeth 1 $510

California, 13th DemocratLee, Rep. Barbara

Adams, Charles A. 1 $904

Idaho RepublicanRisch, Sen. Jim

Adams, Danielle R. 2 $1190

New Hampshire, 1st RepublicanGuinta, Rep. Frank

Ohio, 15th RepublicanStivers, Rep. Steve

Adams, David M. 2 $6203

Rhode Island, 2nd DemocratLangevin, Rep. Jim

Adams, Gregory E. (Greg) 7 $26956

Retired  California, 33rd DemocratWatson, Former Rep.. Diane

Adams, Michelle Theresa 3 $6559

Massachusetts, 7th DemocratCapuano, Rep. Mike

Adams, Mitchell S. (Mitch) 3 $3192

Iowa, 2nd DemocratLoebsack, Rep. Dave

Adams, Todd Leyland 2 $1404

Rhode Island, 2nd DemocratLangevin, Rep. Jim

Adams, Wendel M. (Wendy) 1 $795

Illinois, 3rd DemocratLipinski, Rep. Dan

Adams, William Bradford (Will) 2 $3041

Michigan, 3rd RepublicanAmash, Rep. Justin

Retired  Colorado, 6th RepublicanTancredo, Former Rep.. Tom

Adamson, Reed H. 2 $13314

Defeated  Illinois, 10th DemocratSchneider, Former Rep.. Brad

Adekunle, Dorcas Adewumi 1 $406

New Jersey, 12th DemocratWatson Coleman, Rep. Bonnie

Adelstein, Jonathan Steven 2 $826

Defeated  South Dakota DemocratDaschle, Former Sen.. Tom

Aden-Wansbury, Casey 2 $1329

Minnesota DemocratFranken, Sen. Al

Aderholt, Robert B. 1 $4442

Alabama, 4th RepublicanAderholt, Rep. Robert

Adesina, Kellie N. 4 $15023

California, 27th DemocratChu, Rep. Judy

Ohio, 11th DemocratFudge, Rep. Marcia

Adkerson, Robert A. (Rob) 1 $1139

Georgia, 11th RepublicanLoudermilk, Rep. Barry

Adler, Dalis 2 $4200

Defeated  California, 28th DemocratBerman, Former Rep.. Howard

10111 results

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