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Lobbying world

by The Hill on 05/10/2016

Where in the world are San Joaquin Valley lawmakers traveling?

by McClatchyDC on 05/06/2016

TripsCongressional Trips by Traveler Name

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Staffer Number of Trips Cost of Trips Approver(s)
Sekhar, Malini 1 $1350

Retired  New Mexico DemocratBingaman, Former Sen.. Jeff

Selib, Jonathan G. (Jon) 2 $945

Resigned  Montana DemocratBaucus, Former Sen.. Max

Seligman, Erin Meyer (Meyer) 8 $20426

Resigned  Louisiana, 5th RepublicanAlexander, Former Rep.. Rodney

Died in Office  Mississippi, 1st RepublicanNunnelee, Former Rep.. Alan

Sell, Tom 11 $7152

Resigned  Texas, 19th RepublicanCombest, Former Rep.. Larry

Virginia, 6th RepublicanGoodlatte, Rep. Bob

Selmser, Lynn C. 6 $7569

Resigned  Ohio, 8th RepublicanBoehner, Former Rep.. John

Retired  Pennsylvania, 19th RepublicanGoodling, Former Rep.. Bill

Semeniuk, Lauren E. 2 $1978

Defeated  Florida, 6th RepublicanStearns, Former Rep.. Cliff

Semmel, Andrew K. 2 $5790

Defeated  Indiana RepublicanLugar, Former Sen.. Dick

Semmel, Rachel K. 1 $429

Arizona, 6th RepublicanSchweikert, Rep. David

Semones, C. Michelle 1 $334

Virginia, 6th RepublicanGoodlatte, Rep. Bob

Sengstock, Kathleen 2 $1486

California, 43rd DemocratWaters, Rep. Maxine

Sepucha, Robert C. Jr. 1 $436

Ran for Other Office  Tennessee, 9th DemocratFord, Former Rep.. Harold Eugene

Sepulveda, Daniel Alejandro (Danny) 14 $23195

California DemocratBoxer, Sen. Barbara

Resigned  Massachusetts DemocratKerry, Former Sen.. John

Ran for Other Office  Illinois DemocratObama, Former Sen.. Barack

Sequeira, Laura Haney 2 $977

Kentucky RepublicanMcConnell, Sen. Mitch

Sequeira, Leon R. 2 $2350

Kentucky RepublicanMcConnell, Sen. Mitch

Sequenzia Titus, Christine 1 $975

Texas, 32nd RepublicanSessions, Rep. Pete

Serafin, Kenneth J. (Ken) 5 $3803

Retired  California, 22nd RepublicanThomas, Former Rep.. Bill

Seraphin, Arun A. 3 $1771

Retired  New York, 24th RepublicanBoehlert, Former Rep.. Sherry

Retired  Michigan DemocratLevin, Former Sen.. Carl

Serchuk, Vance F. 5 $12472

Retired  Connecticut IndependentLieberman, Former Sen.. Joe

Serote, Ryan S. 2 $2045

Defeated  Arizona, 5th RepublicanHayworth, Former Rep.. J.D.

Serra, Joanna 1 $223

New York, 16th DemocratEngel, Rep. Eliot

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