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Dems plot fewer town halls while mulling Iran

by The Hill on 07/30/2015

Hudson Valley lawmakers traveling the globe

by Poughkeepsie (N.Y.) Journal on 07/23/2015

MoveOn plans ‘mass mobilization’ to save Iran deal

by Washington Post on 07/23/2015

Voices: Time to reform congressional travel

by USA Today on 07/20/2015

TripsMost-Traveled Congressional Staffers

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Staffer Number of Trips Cost of Trips Approver(s)
Gueye, Melvenia Jefferson (Mel) 3 $2858

Died in Office  Ohio, 11th DemocratJones, Rep. Stephanie Tubbs

New York, 5th DemocratMeeks, Rep. Gregory

Gudes, Scott Brian 3 $2461

Retired  New Hampshire RepublicanGregg, Sen. Judd

Grunert, Miriam Keim 3 $14001

Florida, 12th RepublicanBilirakis, Rep. Gus

Gruman, Mark E. 3 $5500

North Dakota, 1st RepublicanCramer, Rep. Kevin

Gruber, Michael Richard (Mike) 3 $2877

Retired  Iowa, 3rd RepublicanLatham, Rep. Tom

Groover, Elizabeth McLaurin (Laurin) 3 $9782

South Carolina, 2nd RepublicanWilson, Rep. Joe

Griner, Robert Edmondo 3 $4958

Defeated  Illinois, 19th DemocratPhelps, Rep. David

Georgia, 13th DemocratScott, Rep. David

Griffin, Christopher J. (Chris) 3 $3687

Retired  Connecticut IndependentLieberman, Sen. Joe

Gregory, Wendy Taylor 3 $6604

Defeated  Oklahoma, 1st RepublicanSullivan, Rep. John

Gregg, Kathryn (Kate) 3 $3147

Resigned  Virginia, 11th RepublicanDavis, Rep. Tom

Greer, Ryen P. 3 $2928

Defeated  Montana RepublicanBurns, Sen. Conrad

Greenlaw, Adam G. 3 $3160

Ran for Other Office  Maine, 2nd DemocratMichaud, Rep. Mike

Greathouse, Erik 3 $6292

Retired  Arkansas, 4th DemocratRoss, Rep. Mike

Gray, Geoffrey P. 3 $6308

Resigned  Texas RepublicanGramm, Sen. Phil

Graves, Joel D. 3 $2253

Washington, 5th RepublicanMcMorris Rodgers, Rep. Cathy

Graves, Garret Neal 3 $8868

Retired  Louisiana, 3rd RepublicanTauzin, Rep. Billy

Grant, Richard R. 3 $2773

Retired  Illinois, 15th RepublicanEwing, Rep. Tom

Grabelle, Justin M. 3 $2882

Florida, 11th RepublicanNugent, Rep. Richard

Gosselin, Geoffrey M. (Geoff) 3 $2059

New Jersey, 2nd RepublicanLoBiondo, Rep. Frank

Retired  Pennsylvania, 19th RepublicanPlatts, Rep. Todd

Gordy, Thomas T. (Tom) 3 $4048

Defeated  Virginia, 2nd RepublicanDrake, Rep. Thelma

Retired  Virginia, 2nd RepublicanSchrock, Rep. Ed

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