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LegiStorm's DevBlog

Senate committee rosters updated for the 115th Congress

Posted on Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Updated rosters for all Senate standing committees are now available on LegiStorm. Current and past roster information is always available for subscribers on each committee's page.

Subscribers can use Member committee assignments as a filter for building staff contact lists by making selections from the "Staff of Members Serving on Committees" box under the More Options section of the Advanced Staff Search. Subscribers can also easily save custom lists of Members based on committee assignment by clicking the "Add to contact list" button on any committee page, or by using the list building functionality when they create a new Member list.  These custom lists can be used throughout the site to search and set Lightning Alert email notifications for StormFeed press releases and Tweets, Town Hall information and staff contact changes. Subscribers who have previously saved Member contact lists based on the prior session's Senate committee assignments should refresh their lists using the Update List button on the list management page.

LegiStorm continues to monitor House standing committee assignments, House and Senate subcommittee assignments, as well as committee staff changes.  As always, LegiStorm publishes updates as new information becomes available, indicating rosters where "The full membership has not yet been announced."

Contact data for the 115th Congress

Posted on Tuesday, January 03, 2017

For the past two months, LegiStorm has been tracking and publishing "upcoming" or future contact and employment data related to members of the incoming Congress and their staff hires.  

With the start of the new session, this new data is now available in our member and staff contact lists.  Additional staff hires, committee and subcommittee assignments and other updates continue to occur, and we will continue to update the site daily to reflect the latest changes.

LegiStorm subscribers with saved custom search-criteria-based lists (e.g, based on a particular state, committee, role, issue, etc.) can use the "Update this list" button to refresh their list members based on the most recent updates.  

To receive automatic notifications when people are added, removed or modified (i.e., staffers who change positions) based on the list criteria, choose the "Set Lightning Alert" option. We will automatically refresh your list each night and send you an email when changes occur. 


Party search filter added to Find a Member directories

Posted on Monday, December 19, 2016
LegiStorm added a party affiliation search filter for Representatives and Senators in the Find a Member section of our site, making it easy to view and create custom member contact lists based on party for current and past members, as well as members-elect.  Subscribers can use their saved member contact lists throughout the site to customize the information they see, for example, in StormFeed press release and Twitter alerts, Town Hall searches, or congressional staff alerts and searches.

LegiStorm adds third-quarter data for representative expenses

Posted on Thursday, December 08, 2016

LegiStorm added the newly released third-quarter data to our enhanced expenses reporting tool, allowing quick analysis of official expenditures by members of the House of Representatives.

Launched in September, our Expense Summaries page lets you view House expenses by party, state and custom member groups, comparing total expenses, expenses as a percent of the member representational allowance budget, and the percent of expenses reported late. Expense summary data can be filtered by year and spending category. 

For LegiStorm subscribers, this data is also displayed on the Official Expenses page under the Disclosures tab of the profile of all representatives who served since 2010. This page displays an overview of yearly total expenses, expenses vs. budget and expenses reported late for a member, as well as a comparison of the member's spending in each category as compared to the House average.

For more information about the enhanced expense data, please see About Expenses

LegiStorm adds latest salary records for House and Senate staffers

Posted on Thursday, December 08, 2016

LegiStorm has processed and published the latest salary records released last week for congressional staffers.

This update includes the third-quarter salary data published by Clerk of the House, as well as the latest semiannual release from the Secretary of the Senate, covering the period from April 1 to Sep. 30.

Prior to publishing this dataset, LegiStorm's content team extensively cleaned and edited the data to ensure subscribers can see a complete and accurate salary history for individual staffers, as well as each member, leadership, committee and administrative office.

The next release of House salaries is expected in late February, and the next release of Senate salaries is expected in late May.

Updated congressional district maps for Florida, Virginia and North Carolina

Posted on Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Updated maps reflecting the new boundaries for Florida, Virginia and North Carolina congressional districts are now available under the District tab on the profile of any current member or member-elect in an affected state.

For members-elect, the district map reflects the boundaries in effect for the 2016 election and upcoming term.  For members currently in office in an affected district, users have the option to view the district map for the Current term or Upcoming term.


Added listbuilding, downloadable contact information for members-elect

Posted on Tuesday, November 15, 2016

LegiStorm Pro subscribers can now easily create contact lists for incoming members of Congress. 

We implemented new functionality on the Browse Representatives and Browse Senators pages that allows more flexibility in creating member contact lists.  When you click the "Add to contact list" button, all individuals that meet the selected term and status criteria will be added to your list.

To create a list for the incoming Congress, choose "See members who served in: 115th Congress (2017-2019)" and/or "Member status: Members-elect" from the dropdown menus.

Then, from the list management page, subscribers can press "Generate a CSV" to get a downloadable file of contact information for all members and members-elect on the list. For members-elect who have not started their first term, campaign address and phone contacts are provided.

Get email updates on member-elect hires

Posted on Tuesday, November 15, 2016

LegiStorm Pro subscribers can now create contact lists and set Lightning Alerts to keep track of transition staff and other new member hires. 

We added a "Add to Staffers Contact List" button to the House New Member Hires and Senate New Member Hires pages.  After you create a staffer list using this new button, you can visit the List Management page in your profile to generate a downloadable contact list csv file, manually refresh the list at a later time to check for changes or Set a Lightning Alert.

When you set a Lightning Alert for a contact list, we'll refresh the list every night and send you an email if there are any changes (i.e., people added to the list, people removed from the list, or staffers on the list who change positions).

Added a filter to the Find a Member section to show members-elect

Posted on Thursday, November 10, 2016

LegiStorm added a member status search filter to our Find a Member section.  Site users can easily see all elected members of the 115th Congress or see only the members-elect.

Additionally, we will be featuring members-elect and their recent staff hires for LegiStorm subscribers on the Pro Dashboard through the transition period.

New Nevada legislature term begins; new legislators added to StateStorm

Posted on Wednesday, November 09, 2016

All newly elected Nevada state senators and assemblymembers have been added to the StateStorm Directory. While the new Nevada state legislators will not be officially sworn in until 2/6/2017, by law their term begins on the day after election day.

We will continue to monitor the Nevada state legislature and update the StateStorm Directory with committee assignments, leadership positions and official contact details as more information becomes available.

StateStorm, a database of contact, biographical and committee information for the nearly 7,500 state legislators serving in all 50 states, is available to Pro Premium subscribers.